What To Expect From Ecomdash In 2016


At ecomdash, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, exceptional ecommerce inventory and order management software for a fraction of what our competitors charge. We believe that small and medium businesses should have access to world-class software, without needing to take out a loan. In effort to provide the best software to help your business grow, we’ve included aggressive goals to our 2016 roadmap. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far this year, and what’s to come.

  • Q1:
    • Added Amazon international sites (France, Italy, Spain, India and more.)
    • Woocommerce integration (inventory and order management functionality)
    • Now support SFTP for our inventory and order feed management
    • Streamlined data entry and usability for our listing tool
    • Advanced Setup Wizard allows for easier setup of all ecomdash modules
  • Q2:
    • ShipStation integration (will allow users to monitor & view inventory levels of stock in ShipStation)
    • New eBay international integrations
    • FBA inventory support. We currently offer FBA order routing functionality.
  • Q3:
    • ASIN creation support for Amazon
    • Newegg integration (listing functionality)
    • Zencart integration (listing functionality)
    • Woocommerce integration (listing functionality)
    • Lokad integration
  • Q4:
    • Accounting integrations including Quickbooks
    • Bonanza integration (inventory, order mgmt., and listing functionality)
    • Volusion integrations (inventory, order mgmt., and listing functionality)

In addition to these new features, we are continuously adding new functions to all areas of service, improving usability and performance and expanding our support documentation and videos. We progressively work toward providing software and support that makes selling online easier and more profitable for our customers.

Try our multichannel inventory, order, shipping and listing software yourself. Try ecomdash free for 15 days.

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Tiana is a content marketer and writer. Her favorite author is Oscar Wilde and she is a self proclaimed Etsy addict.

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Tiana ByersWhat To Expect From Ecomdash In 2016

Comments 14

  1. Eric

    looking at possibly switching to ecomdash from sellbrite, could you please contact me at 6319352500 to answer some questions i have about etsy integration

    1. Liz Pekarek

      Hi Eric!

      Thanks for letting us know. We would love to answer your questions. I’ve sent your information over to our support team. Please let us know if you need anything else.


    1. Liz Pekarek

      Hi Fred!

      With so many different marketplace and shopping cart requests, we decided to develop an API for our sellers. While we are not currently integrated with Volusion, we do have an open API where sellers can develop feeds to our system. We will continue to add more calls to this API throughout 2017. Here is a link to our API documentation.

      If you have any further questions about our API, please feel free to contact our support team!

      Thank you,

  2. Moshe Friedman

    You say in Q4 you will have Volusion integrations (inventory, order mgmt., and listing functionality) is it live already?

    1. Liz Pekarek

      Hi Moshe,

      Thanks for reaching out. Based on customer feedback, we prioritized Walmart and over the Volusion integration. While we are not currently integrated with Volusion, we do have an open API where sellers can develop feeds to our system for any channel that is not offered as an integration. Here is a link to the documentation:


    1. Liz Pekarek

      Hi Steven,

      Thanks for reaching out! Due to customer feedback, Walmart and was added to our roadmap in 2016 and pushed a few of our integrations to 2017. We always base our roadmap on our customers’ needs and this caused the push for other marketplaces instead of Bonanza. We are looking to add Bonanza and a few other new updates in 2017.

    1. Liz Pekarek

      Hi Gary!

      Thanks for your comment. I apologize for the delay on this integration. We haven’t had much demand from our customers for the Bonanza integration this year and have moved forward with other updates. I am not able to put a specific timeline for this integration to be complete. Once we have a clearer picture, I will definitely update you.


      1. Chad

        Howdy Liz. Please count this a +1 for Bonanza. With eBay’s continuing changes, I know I can speak for myself and about 30 other people who are in the reseller community on eBay that while we haven’t jumped shipped completely, many are moving items over to other platforms and Bonanza is a big one. I’d love to see this pop back up on the ecomdash radar. We love your software, but would love it even more with Bonanza ;-)

        1. Liz Pekarek

          Hi Chad! Thanks for letting me know. I am keeping tabs of all the requests and sending them over to our product team. This is great insight and I appreciate you letting us know. It is great to hear you love our software and we want to keep that love strong! ;)

    1. Haley Cloyd

      Hi Mark!

      We completely understand the need for ASIN creation, and we are rolling it out on our 2018 roadmap! If you need any information abour the services we offer, please feel free to contact our team.

      Thank you and happy selling!

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