There are a variety of advantages to better supply-chain management – one of them being the elimination of overselling and stock outs. When inventory quantities are automatically adjusted across channels as a sale happens, the risk of selling out of items is reduced greatly (or even completely). Here’s how it works: An ecommerce inventory management software will connect with a retailer’s sales channels, looking for new sales orders at set intervals of time (some as often as every several minutes). Ecomdash will seek out new sales orders, and when one is received, the inventory software will automatically adjust the quantity level on that sales channel, as well as all others. When an item finally reaches a quantity level of zero, ecomdash will kill that listing on all sales channels where the item is being sold. Within the tool, you can even set low inventory thresholds for each item and receive low stock alerts, so that you know when to reorder.

Aside from preventing oversells, inventory and supply chain management systems simplify fulfillment for both FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) sellers, in addition to those that work with dropshippers. When ecomdash pulls in a sales order into the system, the user is provided with a standardized format of all relevant order information, regardless of which sales channel the sale took place on. Ecomdash users can create pick lists, packing slips and labels within the shipping management module of the software, and speed up the process of preparing an order for shipment. One customer claims that ecomdash has enabled his team to increase shipping speed by at least 50%. Ecomdash also offers a feed management system that will connect with dropshippers. Sales orders are automatically routed to a user’s dropshippers, suppliers and 3PL centers for fulfillment. When an order is shipped, ecomdash retrieves tracking information and sends it to the sales channel where the sale occurred for the customer’s notification. In this way, an inventory and supply-chain management software offers hands-off fulfillment and communication with dropshippers and suppliers alike.

An inventory management and supply-chain system also enables retailers to sell in more places, with fewer risks. Since all back-end processes are automated and handled by ecomdash, users can grow safely to new sales channels. There’s no need to worry about overselling, issues with time management or losing control of operations. This customer was able to grow their business and save time by roughly 50%. On average, 24% of ecomdash customers have added at least one sales channel after one month with ecomdash. All customers report an average 23% increase in sales, quarter over quarter. Proper listing management will help retailers manage, edit and gain visibility into their product listings. Being able to list quickly, and with fewer spreadsheets, allows retailers to get their products to new channels quickly. The more “virtual shelves” you can get items on, the better your bottom line will be. This customer reports an estimated 40-60% increase in sales after being able to list to new marketplaces with ecomdash.

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