We often hear that a seller’s first concern in running their ecommerce store successfully relates to shipping. Making sure your products are delivered on time, packaged properly and shipped professionally are all super critical needs. If one of those goes awry and a customer leaves poor feedback, it can negatively impact your seller rating, which could deter customers and push them to buy from your competitors with impeccable reviews. We understand a seller’s concern when it comes to shipping, and their desire to get a better handle on it and eventually master it – that’s why we’ve developed an ecommerce shipping app, and why our friends at ShipStation and ShipWorks are some of the first responders when it comes to helping ecommerce companies grow. What happens though, when you’ve got your shipping under control and other issues start popping up?

This is often when an inventory control software becomes the next critical automation step for ecommerce sellers. Are you suffering from the following ailment?

Scarlet “Stock-Out” Fever

Symptoms: You had a product sell out on eBay before you could kill the listing on Amazon. No biggie, right? You thought you caught it in time. But when you went to Amazon and saw that a customer had ordered that very product that’s no longer available, you could feel the cold-sweat coming on. You contacted they buyer immediately and tried to explain, but the fever had already set in, and you just knew a negative review was the next symptom you’d be suffering.

Unfortunately, this is one of those situations that lacks a “fix it now” prescription. You’ll have to work it out with the customer and the marketplace to come to a solution that’s fair to your buyer and abides by marketplace policy. To prevent overselling in the future, the doctor recommends an inventory management software that looks like this:

  • Multichannel (a must)
  • Ability to update and track inventory quickly (real-time is best)
  • Ability to set low-threshold quantity levels for products
  • Will send you inventory alerts when it’s time to reorder
  • The integrations you need

Ecomdash can do all of the above tasks to eliminate Stock-Out Fever for good. Though we integrate with many popular marketplaces and ecommerce websites, you may require an integration that we are still working on. In that case, please contact us to see when it is ready. Or, if your need to control inventory across channels is urgent, we recommend checking out WebRetailer and Ecommerce Bytes for more options.

Do you have other problems with inventory control that may be hurting your business? Get in touch, or let us know about them in the comments. The Doctor is in, and we’re always on call.

The Ultimate Guide To Inventory Management for Multichannel Retailers
The Ultimate Guide To Inventory Management for Multichannel Retailers

The ins and outs of managing inventory are overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together the only guide that covers inventory management basics, accounting methods, pricing strategies, multichannel marketing strategies, and more.

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