Inventory FAQs

What information can I display about each product? After creating a product in our system a variety of options are available to you to customize your product.  You can add product attributes such as condition, manufacturer name and part number; Industry attributes; and shipping attributes like lead times. You do this by clicking the Attributes, Images, Storefronts, and Movement tabs located near the top of the Product Details page.

Does ecomdash allow me to create kits? Yes we do!  You can create custom kits so that you can pair any product you have with any other product.  Once a kit is sold, ecomdash automatically takes the inventory out of both the kit and the individual products within that kit.

How do I create a kit? Under the Inventory tab go to Inventory Management. To create the kit click on the Create Kit icon.  In there you can Add Products, and in that function you have the choice of adding existing products, or creating a new one.

How are quantity levels shown? Can I set a low inventory threshold? Quantity levels for each product are shown in its own column in the Inventory Management screen.  You can set a low quantity threshold for each product and ecomdash will notify you when a product is at its threshold.

Will I be notified when I need to reorder product? Yes! ecomdash has an entire section dedicated solely to low inventory.  You will also be notified when a product reaches low inventory or is out.

How often does ecomdash import my sales orders? That’s up to you!  When you set up your company you can tell ecomdash to automatically import sales orders as often as once every 24 hours, as quickly as every 5 minutes, and everything in between.

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Kevin LoomisInventory FAQs

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