The Ultimate Guide To Inventory Management for Multichannel Retailers

inventory guide for online retailers

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Chapter 1: Ecommerce Inventory Basics

Before you can dive into managing inventory, you have to understand the fundamentals. From organization techniques to terminology, this guide offers the foundation every ecommerce business needs to build a successful online empire. Read on to explore the types of product identifiers available, where to find UPCs, and how to create a SKU system perfect for your company.

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Chapter 2: Principles of Inventory Management

Now that you have the terminology down, let’s move on to the principles of managing your online inventory. In this chapter, we’ll discuss inventory management tips, various accounting methods for tracking costs, advanced methods to further streamline your supply chain, and various pricing strategies to increase profits. After reading this, you’ll feel more confident selling your products online.

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Chapter 3: Preparing Inventory for Multichannel Selling

With a solid foundation and inventory game plan, you’re ready to advance to the next step – preparing your products for an online audience. Listing your products just anywhere isn’t a smart strategy. In this chapter, we’ll discuss the top available platforms and their specific requirements, the art of categorizing your merchandise, and a quick guide to marketing those products. After this, you’ll be a multichannel ecommerce expert.

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Chapter 4: Common Inventory Obstacles and Solutions

When selling on multiple channels, there are various common inventory obstacles that you may encounter. Multichannel selling a great way to increase sales, but it also comes with its own set of issues. From running out of stock to wasted warehouse space, these mistakes not only make it impossible to grow, but they can cost you your business. We’ll cover the various scenarios many businesses find themselves in, steps to prevent these complications, and software options available to save you time and headaches.

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inventory guide for ecommerce sellers

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