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Meet The Team | Brian

In our latest ‘Meet The Team’ installment, we’d like to introduce you to a recent hire that is both a hardcore coder and Krav Maga trainer. Yes, you read that right – Krav Maga (Think Jackie Chan meets Rambo). On top of being our team bodyguard, he’s a fast programmer who loves his fast car. Meet Brian!

Occupation: Senior Software Engineer.

Brian's Car, 'The Shelby.'

Brian’s Car, ‘The Shelby.’

Forte @ ecomdash: Software Ninja.

Experience: Brian is a results-oriented Information Technologist with over 18 years of experience creating cutting edge technology within enterprise and R&D environments. Brian has consulted in the areas of enterprise web development, portal assessment and implementations, content management, data integration, business intelligence, service oriented architectures, business process management, application server migrations, desktop applications, embedded systems, and agile best practices.

Song Brian requests in the office: “Everybody was Kung Fu fighting” by Carl Douglas.

For Halloween Brian dressed up as: A lumberjack.

If he could have one super power, it would be: “Although not a trait, I would like to have the Omnitrix worn by Ben 10, which allows the wearer to transform into any alien species and posses their powers,” Brian said.

Brian always brings this to parties: Brian said, “My wife” (good answer!).

If he could sit next to any person at a dinner party, it would be:  Thomas Edison…but if it has to be someone alive Brian would pick pick Zac Brown.

Quick Krav Maga lesson during lunch.

Quick Krav Maga lesson during lunch.

He’s  famous in the office for: Brian says he has no idea yet, but we think the picture on the right says it all.

Celebrity Doppelganger: Robert Downey Jr.

We’re so glad to have Brian on board, and love when he takes a break from working on our tool to teach us a couple Krav Maga moves. Does your ecommerce business need a tune up? Sign up for a free trial with our inventory management software and whip your data transfers into shape.

Have you caught up with our other new team members yet? Learn about our Marketing Specialist and awesome designer Liz, and reread about one of our first hires ever, Ammar!

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