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Meet The Team: Nick

At ecomdash, we love transparency. We think having an honest and upfront approach is important in conducting business, leading a team, and – helping customers understand who you are. You may know what we are – an inventory management software for online sellers – but the who of ecomdash is just as vital. So far, we’ve taken you behind the scenes to meet Laura, Meredith, Ammar, Tristan and Tiana. You’ve seen our marketers, some of our developers, and even our cool intern, but you still haven’t met our chief finance and ops guy. He’s a die-hard fan of everything Cleveland and our in-house Ping-Pong champ – meet Nick!

Occupation: CEO

Forte @ ecomdash: Finance/Accounting, Fundraising/Investor Relations, Legal, Human Resources & Talent Acquisition, Vendor Management, Strategic Partnerships. In short, chief cook and bottle washer.

Experience: Nick has been involved in various stages, sizes, and successes of a business, across multiple industries.  He has been with Fortune 500’s and tech startups in various operational roles, and has had the opportunity to lead great teams along way.

Song he requests to play in the office:  Anything country, but we usually shut that down pretty quickly.

What he’s dressing up as for Halloween:  Probably whichever Disney character his three-year-old daughter picks out for him. As Nick puts it, “she owns me.” If you saw how cute his daughter was, you’d understand.

CEO of inventory management software company

If he could have any super power, it would be:  Speed.

What he brings to parties: A good IPA or Pale Ale.

If he could sit next to anyone at dinner, it would be:  Johnny Manziel.

He is famous in the ecomdash office for:  Offering up crazy bets. Nick once paid Ammar $5 to eat a whole (semi-smaller) tomato in one bite – a challenge Ammar accepted. We kind of weren’t surprised by either of them.

Celebrity doppelgänger: He’s been told Jake Gyllenhaal and Nick Collison (NBA player for the Oklahoma City Thunder).

We’re so grateful to have Nick on board, and appreciate what an uplifting and genuine leader he is. Plus, it is kind of funny when he intentionally calls our Marketing Coordinator “Tanya” instead of her actual name, “Tiana.” Poor Tanya.

To learn more about our other team members and what makes ecomdash special, read about our mission. We’re a passionate bunch, and we love encouraging and supporting the dreams of our customers.


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