Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

Whether you’re an established ecommerce business or just starting out, our inventory management software helps you save time and grow your business with improved control and visibility into your supply chain.

inventory management software for ecommerce businesses
inventory management software for ecommerce businesses

Inventory Software Benefits

Easily track and sync product quantities across all your sales channels in near real-time with our award-winning ecommerce inventory management software.

Multichannel Integration

Manage inventory across all your sales channels from a single platform.

Track Serialized Inventory

Track products based on expiration dates, serial numbers, and other custom fields.

Set Custom Alerts

Set custom alerts to notify you of low inventory levels and create purchase orders.

Near Real-Time Updates

Automatically sync inventory in near real-time to make quick decisions with accurate information.

Ecommerce API

Build custom integrations to any tools you use with our open ecommerce API.

Product & SKU Mapping

Track products with different identifiers with our unique mapping ID system.

Manage Inventory Across Multiple Warehouses

Managing inventory in different warehouses is a breeze with ecomdash. Set reorder rules, aisle and bin locations, and order fulfillment priorities for each warehouse. We’ll send you alerts to order more stock when your threshold is met. We’ll also deduct the product quantity from the specific warehouse when a new sales order comes in based on the priorities you’ve defined.

inventory management software multiple warehouses

Track Manufactured Items

Our inventory software lets you define manufactured items and what materials are used to create the completed product. When you sell the assembled product (or in preparation of the sale), you can create a work order to track the status of the manufactured item and we’ll automatically update the quantities for the materials used and finished product(s).

upload inventory to track manufactured items

Confidently Sell Bundles & Multipacks

Ecomdash tracks items within bundles and multipacks at the product level with our kitting tool. The quantity of the kit (bundle or multipack) displayed on your sales channels will be based on how many items you have that make up the kit. We’ll remove the listing for the bundle/multipack and the individual product listing once one of the individual products has sold out.

inventory management software sell bundles & multipack
customer testimonial sync inventory frequency

“Pros: The sync inventory frequency. Some competitors only sync once an hour, if you are selling multi-channel this can lead to overselling.”

Bill J., Owner

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