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New Marketplace Integration Inventory Management SoftwareIt’s here! Our newest marketplace integration partner is, the leading online shopping and auction site for firearms and hunting accessories. In addition to firearms and accessories, is an ideal marketplace for e-stores that sell gear, equipment and accessories for outdoor sporting enthusiasts. promotes responsible gun ownership and follows strict ownership policies and regulations to ensure the utmost safety for buyers and retailers alike. Amazon and eBay do not sell firearms, so is your one stop shop to buy and sell firearms, hunting gear, outdoor sporting equipment and more.

Ecomdash is the only multichannel inventory and sales order software to integrate with and help firearms sellers consolidate their ecommerce sales and inventory processes.

If you’ve been wanting to ramp up your online firearms sales but needed multichannel inventory management software for first, the wait is over!

Here’s how ecomdash and will work together.

  • Sync Inventory: As your products sell on as well as other marketplaces or storefronts, ecomdash will automatically update inventory levels and sync the balance of quantities across all of your sales channels.
  • Consolidate and Import Sales OrdersImport sales orders from and other channels in near real-time. No more manually checking for sales orders in each channel separately- ecomdash will do the work for you and display critical information in a central dashboard for quick and easy management.
  • Shipping: Once the order has been shipped, you can mark the order as ‘Shipped’ in ecomdash to track the order information for your customer.
  • Listing: Use ecomlister to quickly manage current product listings and make changes to title, description, price and more. Create listings in bulk with reusable templates, and bulk upload your images for fast execution.

We can’t wait to help you sell more, in more places!

P.S. Just want to send a warm welcome to our newest customers from the pawn shop industry as well as gun, hunting and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. We’re happy you’re here!


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Tiana ByersNew Marketplace Integration

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  1. Tim Anderson

    How much longer do you think it will be before the gunbroker function is up and running. What features will it have? thanks/tim

    1. Post
      Tiana Byers

      Hey Tim,

      Our partnership is available now. All of the above functionality (inventory and sales order management, listing, and some shipping) is offered. We are currently offering a promo for our friends – if you sign up for ecomdash with promo code WELCOMEGB, you can try us for one month free in addition to our standard 15 day free trial.

      Would you like to talk to a product specialist in a little more detail, or see a demo? Happy to set that up for you.

      Thanks Tim!


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