As a seller, you’re dealing with various integrations, purchase orders, listings, shipping, suppliers, warehouses, etc.  It’s overwhelming.  Many people start selling on one channel, whether that’s Amazon or eBay, and once you truly start to scale it quickly become increasingly complex. Processing a sales order is different on Sears versus Amazon, and it’s different on eBay versus Etsy.  Terminology is different, the interfaces are different.  And the back-end operations are lot to manage with while you’re trying to sell and promote your products.

That’s where ecomdash can really offer value in managing all of the back-end technology and routing of data.  We can automate your ecommerce supply chain with our advanced online inventory tracking software.

Inventory Tracking System

unique_mapping_systemFrom an inventory standpoint, we like to think of your stock as a bank account.  Items are constantly being sold and replenished – essentially your debits and credits.  Ecomdash automatically adjusts your balances in near real-time.  If you run out of stock on a certain item, we will immediately end your listing on every channel that item is listed.

One question we tend to see centers around whether can you determine a quantity visible on sales channels that is less than the true quantity of an item on hand.  Meaning, if you have 100 electric drills you’re selling, but only want to show that 10 are available on Sears and 5 on Amazon, can you do this within ecomdash? The answer is yes. Our unique mapping system can map SKUs across all of your sales channels and keep an accurate record of how much product is listed and where.

Kits & Bundles

The way you sell and market your products is very different from how you manage your actual inventory.  We support various models of packaging your items for sale. For instance, you may have a pair of socks you sell individually, but you also sell them in a three pack or six pack.  Essentially, you’ve created bundles in a 3 pack and 6 pack.  What’s important is that when you sell a six pack, you are reducing 6 of the individual item correctly. Ecomdash can do just that.

Now, let’s say you’re selling homemade necklaces on Etsy – you have string, beads and jewels. You need to keep track of how much of each of these pieces you need when you sell a completed item, so that you can determine how many more necklaces you can make with your available inventory. We help you track your raw materials as well as track each individual piece of inventory. When you start selling items, ecomdash lets you track the cost and amounts of your raw materials that you used to build your items. inventory_tracking_system_that_handles_kits

In short, tracking all of your inventory no matter how you sell it…it’s really important to understand your supply chain, when to replenish/when it’s time to submit a PO, and your COGS. Ecomdash will automate and simplify these processes so that you can save time and stop stressing. Sign up for a free 15-day trial to test it out yourself.

The Ultimate Guide To Inventory Management for Multichannel Retailers
The Ultimate Guide To Inventory Management for Multichannel Retailers

The ins and outs of managing inventory are overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together the only guide that covers inventory management basics, accounting methods, pricing strategies, multichannel marketing strategies, and more.

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