Over the last month, our product development team has focused on updating the UI to make it more user friendly and easier to navigate. We’ve also added some dropship suppliers to our App Store. Let’s see what’s new!


Consolidated Settings Menu

The Settings menu has been consolidated to make all of your options easier to find. No worries! None of the settings have been removed – just simply organized into proper sections to navigation less challenging for you.

Consolidated Settings Menu

Resources: Settings Menu Updates | New UI Overview – Phase VIII


Shipments Module

The Shipments module has been updated into four unique sections – Generate Label Queue, Input Tracking Queue, Dropship Queue, and FBA MCF Queue. With this new breakdown, you’ll have no trouble locating shipping orders in your account.

Shipments Module

And exciting news for all the customers who enjoyed the previous shipping workflow method. You can now access this workflow by using the Worksheet option in the Generate Label Queue.


History Screens

Continuing with our UI updates, we’ve relocated all history sections to their corresponding pages.

Purchase Orders: Purchase Order Upload

All Products: Sync Inventory, Sync Failure, Upload Inventory, Export Inventory

Draft Listings: Listing Submission

Active Listings: Listing Submission, Listing Import, Listing Price File Import, Listing Price File Export

Sales: Import Orders, Upload Sales Orders, Exported Files, Auto Email

All Shipments: Shipment Label, Scan Form, Send Fulfillment

Generate Label Queue: Shipment Label, Send Fulfillment

Input Tracking Queue: Shipment Label, Send Fulfillment

Dropship Queue: Shipment Label, Scan Form, Fulfillment Import, Send Fulfillment, Exported Files

FBA MCF Queue: Shipment Label, Scan Form, Send Fulfillment

Reporting: Generated Reports


New Dropship Suppliers

We’re excited to offer five new dropship suppliers in our App Store – Nivel, AlphaBroder, BrandsDistribution, and FragranceX.



Nivel began as a Cushman dealership in Miami, Florida in 1968, and has since become North America’s largest provider of golf car aftermarket parts and accessories.



AlphaBroder supplies imprintable apparel and accessories to screen printers, embroiderers, promotional product distributors, athletic dealers, and other businesses.



Bdroppy is the online dropshipping services division of Brandsdistribution, an Italian company that, for over a decade, has been a leader in B2B ecommerce of branded fashion, clothing, and accessories.



FragranceX.com’s goal is to provide you with the largest selection of perfume and cologne at the lowest prices.

Resources: Ecomdash Integrations


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