New Ecommerce Software Release | September 2014 Edition

At ecomdash, we strive to continuously improve our ecommerce automation software to better serve our customers. Here are the latest ecomdash software updates and new features implemented in September:

  • Built Product and Work Order Functionality: ecomdash can now be used by manufacturers to track their build process, finished goods and raw material levels.
  • Always Use Available Quantity is now at the product level: Before, ecomdash could set a fixed balance on your sales channels, but you would need to enable/disable fixed balances on each channel – now this can be accomplished via the SKU and Sales Channel level to give you much more flexibility on how you sell your items and represent them on the marketplaces.
  • More updates to roles: You can now assign employees roles to a specific warehouse. They will have visibility only to that warehouse to keep all other inventory, sales and shipping orders confidential.
  • Additional filters: Now you can search your sales, shipping and inventory with additional search filters to quickly and accurately get the data you need.
  • Clone Functionality: Use the clone functionality to quickly create a new product using an existing product as a template.
  • Convert to Kit and Convert to Built Product: This feature allows you to quickly setup your kits without losing any history by converting an existing product into a kit.
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