New Ecommerce Software Release | August 2014 Edition

At ecomdash, we always strive to improve our ecommerce software to better serve our customers. Here are the latest ecomdash software updates and new features implemented in August:

  • Listing tool improvements: you can now set the Allow Best Offer option, bulk upload your images and set even more item specifics and attributes for your products and templates.
  • Bulk Set Your Kits: You no longer need to create kits one by one but can set them all in bulk using a new file format created. This functionality is available under Inventory Imports
  • FBA Support: If you have products that you are using FBA for you can now designate that at the product level so ecomdash will not send out updates to sync the balance on Amazon. Also, you can decide if you want your FBA orders to reduce from your Quantity on Hand or not depending on how you are using the system.
  • Purchase Order Updates: There have been a number of improvements on the Purchase order module to help streamline the process from creation to receiving.
  • Sync Faster: We recently upgraded our syncing process so that you will see your updates take effect even faster on all of your sales channels.


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