Our goal has always been to make the lives of our customers easier. That’s why we created ecomdash in the first place. Its why we respond to all calls and inquiries within two hours, and – its why we’ll sometimes provide the time and efforts of our intern to help a customer out.

One of our customers runs an online shop with hundreds of SKUs and many, many, many kits. Decorative Things, a site for home décor, gifts and accessories, often sells their products in bundles. Our Product Development Lead Kevin really wanted to help out – but as one of the leaders of our company, he was occupied with customer calls, running development, and hosting web conferences. That’s when he decided to forfeit our own intern’s time and attention to putting the bundles together for them.

So, Tristan got to work creating kits. Since beginning his work last week, he’s devoted roughly 15 hours to helping out our friends at Decorate Things. As an intern, Tristan is eager to learn everything he can and help wherever he is needed. He has put together upwards of 1000 kits for our customer. At the end of the day, Tristan wants to do what’s best for our customers. As he puts it, “I’m willing to do whatever makes their job easier.”

We’re really proud that our extra-step customer care attitude has trickled down to Tristan, and are thrilled to be able to help our clients above and beyond what they would expect. We’re dedicated to our customers’ ecommerce success, and want to help them in any and every way we can.

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