labor day marketingWith Labor Day upon us, it’s time to think about your ecommerce marketing strategy. The unofficial transition from summer to fall, Labor Day is the perfect time to get creative with your marketing, and to encourage your customers to buy any remaining summer inventory you have in stock. Spending a little extra time on your Labor Day marketing strategy will surely pay off. To jazz up your strategy this year, utilize these Labor Day marketing tips for your ecommerce business:


Embrace the holiday spirit

Holidays are a time for celebration, so be sure to be genuine in embracing the holiday spirit. Don’t be afraid to get creative by adding a Labor Day theme to your website graphics, social media accounts, and any other related content. Use a graphic design tool like Canva to create themed graphics or use a stock photo from a website like StockSnap.

Brainstorm hashtags to use throughout the day on your social media accounts or add a themed banner to your website. Most importantly, don’t forget what the holiday is all about. Labor Day is a celebration of the contribution workers have given to our country. Tap into emotional marketing to really speak to your customer by honoring Labor Day. Share stories of employee appreciation or go behind-the-scenes at the office and share a meaningful photo via social media.


Run a limited-time sale

Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer. This weekend is the perfect time to have a sale on any summer products in your inventory. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your customer: they get a deal on products and you get rid of seasonal inventory.

The key to hosting a Labor Day sale is to create a sense of urgency. Emphasize how the sale is “ending soon” and the deals are “limited-time only.” Creating urgency within the mind of your customer can increase conversions by forcing them to think and act quickly.


Host a social media contest

As your customer is enjoying their day off in the sun, they will be posting and scrolling through social media. Interact with your customer on your social media accounts by creating a contest. If your customer submits a photo, reposts a designated photo, or shares a testimonial about their experience with your company, enter them to win a prize. A prize could include a bundle of products or an extra discount.

A social media contest is good for business because it encourages word of mouth marketing and will increase brand awareness.


Create holiday-specific offers

Having a promotion that is only valid for the holiday is a great marketing tactic to employ. Offer free shipping for the day, have a discount on specific merchandise, or if you have a rewards program, offer extra loyalty points for shopping on Labor Day. Once again, by creating urgency, you will encourage your customer to complete the sale.


Send out Labor Day emails

No matter how great your Labor Day offerings are, if your audience doesn’t know about it, they won’t shop with your business. Get your customer excited to shop on Labor Day by sending out an email before the holiday.

Tease them with special deals, showcase any inventory that won’t be available after the holiday, and add a personal message to give the email a touch of “holiday magic”. Then, send out an additional email the day of to remind your customer of your Labor Day deals.

Marketing for a holiday is all about being prepared. Plan ahead this year and use these Labor Day marketing tips to have a successful day.

Looking for more marketing opportunities? Check out our ecommerce marketing calendar and develop a strategy that’ll attract more customers during the holiday seasons.


Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published August 2017 and was updated in August 2021 to reflect more accurate and relevant information.

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