last minute cyber monday tipsIn 2018, Cyber Monday was the biggest day in the history of U.S. ecommerce, with consumers spending $7.9 billion. With last year’s record breaking sales, it’s important to prepare your online store for the influx of potential customers.

Use these 6 last minute Cyber Monday tips for a successful holiday season:


1. Test Your Website’s Stress

Cyber Monday could flood your ecommerce store with traffic and sales. Can it handle this type of stress?

Prepare your site for the increase in traffic to prevent it from crashing. Test your site beforehand to ensure it’s healthy and ready for Cyber Monday traffic. There are various tools you can use to perform stress tests for a site. Also, double-check other items on your site that could negatively affect a user’s experience such as loading speed, and whether the product descriptions and internal links are up-to-date.


2. Conduct an Inventory Audit

Mismanaged inventory can result in several costly mistakes for ecommerce retailers. Last year, out-of-stock levels cost retailers almost $187 million in lost sales. Conduct an inventory audit prior to the holidays for an accurate view of your product quantities to ensure you do not oversell.

Be sure to organize inventory to ensure quick and efficient fulfillment. The two biggest complaints for consumers is slow delivery and not having items in stock. These mistakes will ultimately lead to unhappy customers and a bad online reputation. Proper inventory management will lead to a better overall customer experience and increased sales. Here are our 6 best inventory management practices for ecommerce businesses.

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Inventory audits are a necessary evil. | SOURCE: CartoonStock


3. Prepare an Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing generates almost 25% of the total sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Prepare a strategy for your business. For example, send a few emails before the big day that tease your email list with various sales.

The goal is to generate a buzz and increase brand awareness among your subscribers. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, send an email with details about your best deals. Toward the end of Cyber Monday, send a final email that contains a call-to-action to take advantage of the sales before they end to encourage impulse purchases. Spend extra time proofreading each email and creating enticing subject lines to increase your open rates.


4. Host a Social Media Contest

Increase brand awareness by hosting a social media contest or giveaway. Customers can enter the contest by adding a review on your Facebook page, posting a creative picture with your product on various social channels, or updating their status to include information about your business. Then, choose the winning posts and give out prizes such as an extra 30% discount on their next purchase or a $50 gift card. It’s a great way to promote your brand to new followers and to create a buzz with your past customers.


5. Implement Abandoned Cart Emails

Shopping cart abandonment rates averaged 75.6% globally during Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend. Many customers browse through multiple sites and forget about items left in their cart, leading to those high shopping cart abandonment rates. To combat the high abandoned cart rates, create enticing abandoned cart emails to draw customers back to your site and remind them of the items they’ve forgotten. Here are 13 great examples of abandoned cart emails with various tips on how to implement this strategy.


6. Offer Free Shipping

According to a 2018 retail study, offering free shipping is the second top incentive to encourage more online shopping and sales. This type of offer may not be possible for some businesses, but there are ways to tailor it to you.

If it’s not feasible to offer free shipping for the whole day, try a minimum cart value where a customer can spend X dollars and they will receive free shipping. Here are different ways to make free shipping a reality for your online business.

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Use this equation to determine your minimum order value.


Before you know it, Cyber Monday will be here. Start implementing what you can from the list above and make the most of this holiday season. To have the most successful Cyber Monday to date, consider using our ecommerce inventory management software to easily track and sync inventory across all your sales channels in real time.


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