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As ecommerce and technology continue to grow at a rapid fire pace, the need for programmers to build software and websites is huge. Though you may have no interest in a career as a website developer, basic understanding of code is a skill that can be used to your advantage.

If you want to take the lead designing and building your own customized ecommerce website or feel confident making changes to your site, coding knowledge is essential. Instead of investing money in courses, try these free digital books that were written to teach beginners how to code.



Javascript (JS) is a programming language that makes websites interactive. For example, an object on the webpage moves when you scroll down the page. Another great way it is used is validating information – think addresses or phone numbers. The possibilities with JavaScript are endless!



You can’t have a website without HTML. It is the foundation of any webpage. Think of these two languages as this: HTML makes the page appear, and CSS makes it pretty. Check out these free sources:



JQuery is just a library of ready-made JavaScript functions. It makes it super easy for developers to incorporate JavaScript without writing the code from scratch.



This programming language is a bit easier to read and understand than some of the other programming languages out there. It doesn’t take as much code and powers some well-known websites such as Shopify and Instagram.



PHP is probably one of the most popular programming languages out there and takes close to 80% of the market share for websites, including WordPress and Magento. Learning this language will help you handle many of the ecommerce sites out there.


For more coding books, guides, and links to courses, head over to Digital Inspiration. Do you feel comfortable designing and creating your own website? Luckily, ecomdash integrates with most ecommerce website platforms, like Magento, BigCommerceWordPress, and Shopify.

What’s one thing you would add to your website, if you knew how to build it? Let us know in the comments – and read these books so that you can design your perfect ecommerce site!

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