Benefits of Using A Professional Translation Service When Selling Internationally
In this global economy, localizing your ecommerce business is an important step on the path to reaching multilingual audiences. If you want a successful international ecommerce business, localize your website so its message can stretch everywhere.

True localization of a website is so much more than translating the text. It also includes adapting graphics and layout, adjusting format, and adhering to local regulations. In short, it is no small task. As a result, many ecommerce businesses partner with a professional translation company. Professional translation companies pair ecommerce businesses with professional translators while optimizing for time, cost, and consistency.


How Localizing Your Ecommerce Website Can Help Your Company Go Global

Why should you localize your ecommerce website? If your website is only designed for English speakers, you are selling your business short. In 2017, there were an estimated 1.66 billion people who purchased goods online, resulting in 2.3 trillion US-dollars in ecommerce sales. While the Internet has typically catered to native English speakers, there are billions of individuals around the world who don’t speak English as their first language. What does that mean for your ecommerce business? It means there are more potential customers you could sell to. A business that is willing to localize their website is more likely to turn those individuals into customers.

The Common Sense Advisory conducted a study of over 3,000 individuals and found that individuals strongly preferred sites localized to their native language. Individuals spent more time on those sites. The survey also noted an increased likelihood of buying a product, especially if the product had instructions and post-purchase support in their native language.

With numbers like that, the question becomes why haven’t you localized already?


Importance of In-Country Localization

When it comes to localizing content, working with in-country subject-matter-paired translators is essential. This partnership ensures content is localized so that it preserves the original message while presenting it in a way that is authentic to each audience. An in-country translator is an expert in not just the language, but the culture as well. When a website is localized by a professional translator, text, graphics, and design are all formatted to be the best fit for audiences. This translator knows to avoid region-specific information and to steer clear from sayings, symbols, or gestures that may be unclear or offensive.

Additionally, a translator who is paired by subject-matter expertise will have an understanding of the material being localized. This knowledge will help ensure verbiage and terminology is consistent across projects. Translation experts employ current industry terms, in addition to understanding which terminology might need additional clarification based on the audience needs. Translators should also understand how to adjust everything from currency to units of measure. By conducting the localization work in-country, professional translation services help content stand out.


Across-the-Board Optimization

The biggest benefit of professional translation services is that consistency is not sacrificed in spite of the remarkable time- and cost-effectiveness. This time- and cost-effectiveness stems from the fact that a professional translation company pairs the technology of translation memory (TM) tools with in-country translators.

These TM tools give the company access to linguistic databases that grow with use. The tools also allow the company access to filters that translate different file types while protecting the integrity of the source programming. Working with the technology, translators can ensure there is a consistent tone and voice used throughout the content. As a result of both the tools and the translator, there is a faster turn-around time and reduced translation cost.


Final Thoughts on Professional Translation Services

In ecommerce, it is essential for businesses to develop a plan to reach every corner of the globe. You must enhance the customer experience for international buyers. Localizing your website with a professional translation company is an essential part of this process. In doing so, ecommerce businesses benefit from professional translation services that use an in-country subject-matter-paired translator to produce content with precision while optimizing for time, cost, and consistency. As your business grows, localizing your ecommerce website will increase traffic.

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About the Author: Stefanie Brockway oversees all things marketing at Interpro Translation Solutions, Inc. Interpro is a professional translation and localization services company that provides turnkey multilingual solutions for any content into over 80 languages worldwide. Headquartered in the Chicagoland area, Interpro is a diverse team of linguists, project managers, desktop publishers, software engineers, and account managers who passionately work in partnership with the organizations we have the privilege of serving.


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