lost usps package shipping emergency checklist

By now, you are likely fully prepared for the holiday retail season. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the heavy traffic of seasonal orders are on the way.

Seasoned sellers know what to expect – but what about when the unthinkable occurs, and packages get lost in transit? Here are the steps to take, should an item get lost en route to your customer.


Find Location

Find numbers of the last USPS location where your package was registered in transit, and call to find out what happened. Should it be that something went wrong in transit, make sure you contact the customer immediately. Be sure to do the following:


Apologize For the Situation

No, it wasn’t your fault, but buyers will be upset (especially around the holidays) if an item goes missing.


Take Action

Assure them that you have contacted the postal office where the package was last scanned, and let them know you are taking the appropriate actions to locate the missing item. FYI, here’s a list of USPS contact numbers to keep handy!


File A Claim

A lost package, if not found, will need to have a claim filed. The buyer could do this on his own, but filling it out for him is a thoughtful extra step. Customer service is essential here. Be proactive and work to avoid negative feedback, should the item never turn up. Here are the forms for domestic and international claims:


Consider Next Steps

You may have to issue a full refund. Be sure your seller accounts and financials are prepared for this possibility.


Download The Mobile App

Compatible with iPhone, Android and Blackberry, the USPS mobile app allows you to find locations, calculate shipping prices, manage pickups and more, all from your phone. Access to the mobile app will help you stay on top of your orders, at all times.


Detailed Packaging Tips

We know that most sellers are pros at packaging- but just in case this is your first holiday shipping season or you want to double check the rules, here are the USPS specific rules and regulations regarding packaging your orders.

For tips on how to take your holiday packaging the extra mile, read the Top 5 Things To Put In Your Shipping Box, and how to deliver phenomenal customer service. Try our shipping software free for 15 days to see if it helps you streamline your process.


Are you ready for a holiday shipping emergency? What’s on your checklist? Let us know in the comments.

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