When Ecomdash Met Etsy

2014-06-24_1423Since our inception, ecomdash has had a close eye on Etsy. We have a couple of employees (me) who frequent the site (me) and often spend a fair share of money (definitely me), and we’re thrilled to be integrated with the popular marketplace. Etsy has a more niche demographic that heavy-hitters Amazon and eBay, where virtually any product imaginable could be sourced and sold. So how do you know if you should sell on Etsy, or what products to sell? Whether you’re an experienced seller looking to expand your reach, or a new seller just getting started, we’ve curated a series of posts that take you through the essentials of Etsy, starting with the most basic question: What is Etsy?

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a marketplace for “people around the world to connect to buy and sell unique goods.” Offering handmade or vintage items, Etsy fosters a creative community of crafters, designers, and DIY-ers.

What products should I sell on Etsy?

Art and design, fashion and jewelry, home and outdoor décor, stationary, crafting supplies, homemade soaps and body products, wedding accessories and more.

How do I best utilize the marketplace?

Having good pictures is essential to running a successful Etsy store. Take at least five pictures of each item so that buyers can see it from all angles, and include close up shots of any products with intricate details. Since Etsy is a marketplace that encourages creativity and individuality, really put effort into your social media and strengthen your brand. Share pictures you find interesting, whether they’re of the creating process, behind-the-scenes, or the products themselves. Create accounts for photo-streaming sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, and share your talent with the world.

We’ll continue to bring you information and tips on our Etsy inventory management software integration.

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Tiana is a content marketer and writer. Her favorite author is Oscar Wilde and she is a self proclaimed Etsy addict.

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Tiana ByersWhen Ecomdash Met Etsy

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  1. James adams


    Thanks for your elaborated information about etsy marketplace. As you said the home made crafts are huge hit in etsy store and the quality of the product images speaks more with the customers.

    Need to upload with the quality pictures of the products. As a recent study from ecommerce study reveals that the eye catching pictures get more conversions as compare to normal one.

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