When it comes to excelling at customer service, it may feel like brick-and-mortar stores have the advantage. Though selling online grants you flexibility to set your own schedule and make your own rules, it does lack the face-to-face and friendly hellos that often make a physical store stand out. Despite the challenges, getting customer service right – even in an online setting – matters to your bottom line. Research shows that a reported 68% of buyers will stop supporting a brand if they feel that business is indifferent toward them (1). Conversely, if you can establish an emotional bond between you brand and your buyers through great service, you can successfully charge 20 to 200% more than competitors (2). Figuring out a customer service strategy for your online store makes dollars and sense (pun intended).

Not too long ago we put together an article detailing different ways to improve this kind of ecommerce customer service. Some of the suggestions we highlighted were:

  • Copy (text) that conveys your brand message and personality
  • Easy and quick shopping cart checkout process
  • Friendly order confirmation pages
  • Anticipating and answering customer needs before they ask (like shipping time frames from each carrier for busy holiday shipping)
  • Gift wrapping or creative packaging

Out of these suggestions, which resonates with you most? If you haven’t already made all of these improvements, pick one to start with and really excel at. Let’s say you want to start with a friendly confirmation page after checkout. Create something like we suggested, and then push the envelope – what else can you do to make the experience of buying from you really stand out?

Here’s an example courtesy of Shopify of what one company did to step up its customer service. The founder of CDBaby.com decided the order confirmation emails he was sending just weren’t cutting it. He changed up the text to be clever, funny and creative in hopes of surprising his customers. Below are a couple of the revamped CD Baby confirmation emails.


Today, if you search Google for that particularly unexpected phrase “private CD baby jet,” you’ll get 60,000 results. Just scroll through the articles with titles like “How CDBaby Built 20,000 Citations With One Email” and “The Most Successful Email I Ever Wrote,” and you can see how focusing your efforts on making one aspect of your customer service exceptional can really pay off. Ready to try your hand at fantastic order confirmation emails? Check out our built-in email marketing service that makes keeping in touch with your customers easy.

Reread our post on how to nail ecommerce customer service, and check out these creative tips to make your online customers feels appreciated.

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