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Meet The Team – Product Specialist / DJ Drew

This season has certainly been a busy one – both for our customers who are handling increased sales order volume and for our team, which has grown exceptionally over the past few months. With our continued growth we were able to bring Drew on the team to serve as a Product Specialist, in-house DJ and all around fun guy. He recently moved to Charlotte from Boone, NC, loves Dachshunds and can keep up with just about anyone in office Ping-Pong. Meet Drew!

Occupation: Product Specialist.

Forte @ ecomdash: Product Support – He is one of our key customer service employees (aka: a VIP). He regularly answers customer calls and customer questions.

Experience: Drew set up a Cattle RFID Inventory Management System at a local farm and was the manager at Red Onion Café for a few years while attending Appalachian State University.

SpongeBob Squarepants. Or, as it was on October 31st, Drew.

SpongeBob Squarepants. Or, as it was on October 31st, Drew.

Song Drew requests in the office: Disclosure – When a Fire Starts to Burn.

For Halloween Drew dressed up as: Spongebob Squarepants.

If Drew could have one super power, it would be: Flight.

Drew always brings this to parties: The Party. (What an answer, huh?)

If he could sit next to person at dinner party, it would be:  John Lennon.

Drew is famous in the office for: Being a real-life DJ. He used to go by the name Disco Thief. Look him up!

Celebrity Doppelganger: Kasey Kahne.

We’re so happy to have Drew on board, and are really grateful for all the hard work he puts into helping our customers be successful. His job is SO important. We exist to make life easier for our customers – and Drew is definitely the right guy to help us accomplish that! Next time you give us a call, be sure to tell him hello! And ask him about his former life as a DJ ;)

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Tiana ByersMeet The Team – Product Specialist / DJ Drew

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