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Meet the Team: Tiana

Welcome back to our behind the scenes blog series, where we pull back the curtain and introduce you to the team members who keep this small business running. As ecomdash has continued to grow, we’ve been fortunate to be in the position to add new members to our ecom-fam, and we’d like to introduce you to one of them today. She’s no longer the newest newbie (another new hire after her!), but we’re happy to introduce her – meet Tiana!

  1. Occupation: Marketing CoordinatorDSC_0265
  2. Forte @ ecomdash: Tiana acts as our in-house creative writer (and loves it).
  3. Experience: She has worked as a script-writer, blogger, and freelance copywriter since graduating in May of 2013.
  4. Song she requests to play in the office: Beyonce (we usually pretend we didn’t hear this request).
  5. What she’s dressing up as for Halloween: Sophia from the Golden Girls.
  6. If she could have any super power, it would be: Breathe underwater, so she can take really peaceful naps.
  7. What she bring to parties: Too many lip glosses.
  8.  If she could sit next to anyone at dinner, it would be: Cher.
  9. She is famous in the ecomdash office for: Being hit in the head with a basketball during a game of HORSE.
  10. Celebrity doppelgänger: Jafar from Aladdin.


We’re so humbled (and excited) by our growth as a company and continually adding to our talented team. We’re proud to have Tiana as a part of that team, she fully embraces and reflects a love of diversity, working hard, having a good laugh, and making great things happen. Tiana believes life is short and wants to surround herself with people who inspire us.

Want to know who’s the newest newbie? Here’s a sneak peek: she’s a marketing maven that hails from the Midwest and enjoys a good football rivalry. Find out who she is next week!

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