We have implemented more features and increased efficiencies to our program:

  • Relist Ended Listings on eBay: As you add stock back to product, ecomdash has the ability to automatically relist your last fixed price listing for you so you can get it back selling quickly.
  • Reorder Alerts: Never run out of stock again- by enabling the Reorder Alert, ecomdash will email you any time your products have reached the reorder level that you define. We’ll remind you to create a purchase order.
  • Active Listings: We have added more fields such as Title and Description to be updated from the Active Listing screen where applicable, based on the business rules of each marketplace.
  • New Roles: You can now create users with many different roles such as Manager, Employee, Inventory Management, Reporting and Listing.
  • Multi Warehouse Support: If you store inventory in more than one location, you can now define each warehouse, the location and quantity at the product level.
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