Multi-Warehouse Dropship Management

Ecomdash is the best automation software for dropshippers with multiple fulfillment centers. Quickly scale your business with our multi-warehouse dropship management software.

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Multi-Warehouse Dropship Software Benefits

Why invest in tons of expensive software? Ecomdash handles everything from the sale to the delivery at a much more affordable price than the competitors.

Manage Multiple Channels

Prioritize Dropshippers

Set priorities at the product level to specify which supplier fulfills the order first.

Automatically Split Orders

We’ll automatically split sales orders and route to different suppliers based on your pre-set priorities.

Overflow Management

If one supplier is sold out, we’ll route orders to the next supplier on your priority list.

Tracking Info Updates

Once the supplier sends the tracking info, we’ll update the sales channel with the new order status and tracking details.

Ecommerce API

Want near real-time updates? Use our open ecommerce API to connect to any dropship supplier.

Hands-Off Multi-Supplier Management

Connect to as many suppliers as your business needs at no extra charge. Sync product details and quantities in ecomdash. Price products and then list to an unlimited number of sales channels, all within ecomdash. Have multiple suppliers with varying product identifiers? Map each product and we’ll recognize them as one.

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Multi-Supplier Order Automation

Ecomdash offers hands-off sales order routing for multi-supplier dropshipping retailers. Instead of logging into different websites for all your dropship management needs, use our software. Set priorities at the product level. Once a sale is made, we’ll route the order details to the specific supplier based on those settings.

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Versatile Feed Management System

Sends sales order info via SFTP/FTP and Emails with a CSV or TXT attachment. Once you define the format of the files, ecomdash will auto-populate order files and send them to your supplier. Once an order is fulfilled, we communicate with your supplier via SFTP/FTP to receive the tracking details. You can also manually input these details in ecomdash and we’ll update your sales channel.

inventory management software interface

“How it allows me to do exactly what I needed to accomplish in order to launch the new business. It allows one to view and manage their entire inventory in one place. Definitely worth the investment once you see how automatized the system is.”

Aarron G., Founder
Facts or Fishin’

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