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Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management

Ecomdash fully supports ecommerce sellers with multiple warehouses. Our multi-warehouse inventory management software will make your business scalable and easier to manage.

Our multi-warehouse inventory management system makes multi-channel selling even easier.

Hands Off Order and Inventory Management for Multiple Warehouses

  • Ecomdash automatically routes orders to your warehouses for fulfillment. We’ll get the shipping information from your warehouse and forward it to your customer. No more tedious middleman communication that delays shipping and wastes time.
  • Assign priorities to your warehouses. When one warehouse sells out, ecomdash seamlessly routes orders to the next warehouse on your priorities list. It’s as easy as programming your DVR.
  • You can create and send purchase orders directly from your dashboard. Choose which warehouse receives each purchase order. Track the movement of goods from warehouse to warehouse, or from warehouse to FBA. Items are automatically unlisted while in transit and relisted once they’re received at the new venue.
  • Every few minutes, ecomdash will scan the marketplaces and other tools you use to manage your ecommerce business. When we find sales, we’ll update your total quantity (a sum of all your warehouses) across channels, even if they are assigned different SKUs across each warehouse. Never risk unexpected sellouts or overselling again.

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All-in-one Multi-Warehouse Inventory Control System

Ecomdash keeps it simple, saves you time, and increases your sales.


A Customer Support Team Here to Help

Customer support forms the backbone of our company. Ecomdash loves helping out business owners. It excites us that we get to be a part of your success story. We are available by live chat, email, or on the phone to help you unlock your full potential with the help of our software.

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