Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management

Our multi-warehouse inventory management software will make your business scalable and easier to manage. No more tedious middleman communication that delays shipping and wastes time.

dropshipping software for ecommerce businesses
dropshipping software for ecommerce businesses

Multi-Warehouse Inventory Software Benefits

Ecomdash keeps it simple, saves you time, and increases your sales. Never risk unexpected inventory mistakes again.

Track Moving Inventory

Track the movement of goods from warehouse to warehouse, or from warehouse to FBA.

Assign Priorities

Set priorities at the product level and we’ll route orders to a warehouse based on available stock.

SKU Mapping

Sync stock with varying product identifiers such as different SKUs or UPCs as one product.

Hands-Off Inventory Management

We’ll constantly scan your marketplaces and other tools used to manage your ecommerce business.

  • Set reserve levels and target levels for each warehouse
  • Manage products assigned different SKUs across each warehouse
  • We’ll update your total quantity (a sum of all your warehouses) across all integrated channels
dropshipping management software with inventory automation

Manage Complex Shipping Operations

We consolidate all your sales orders into a single dashboard. Based on the priority settings you applied at the product level, we route the sales orders to the first fulfillment center with available inventory.

  • Connect an unlimited number of fulfillment options
  • Route orders to Amazon FBA, a 3PL, a dropship supplier, or your own warehouse
  • Updated order statuses are synced to the specific ecommerce platform automatically
dropshipping management software order management

Flexible Feed Management Options

Transfer product quantities through FTP/SFTP and HTTP files in a CSV or TXT format. Determine time intervals for ecomdash to pull new inventory feeds and make quantity adjustments across sales channels. Use our open ecommerce API to connect to any warehouse or third-party solution for faster updates.

dropshipping management software with intuitive feed management

“Has worked nearly flawlessly for 8 months now was easy to transition to and easy to manage our orders and inventory. Handles having different SKUs for each warehouse well and updates fast and accurate.”

Dustan D., Deff Audio

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