As you know, Shopify is an integration partner of ecomdash, meaning all of your Shopify sales, inventory quantity updates and order data are streamlined through our tool. With our Shopify inventory solution, you can rest assured that inventory is managed, overselling is a thing of the past and running the back-end ops of a business takes less time than you thought. If, after reading our recent post comparing both multichannel and omnichannel software you decided you wanted to test out an omnichannel tool, then good news – you already have one!

Shopify’s point of sale software, which was previously available as an added service, is now FREE and available to all existing customers. With Shopify POS, sellers can sell their goods offline at trade shows, craft fairs, farmers markets or in brick and mortar locations. The system works with both iPhone and iPad, and accepts cash, credit, debit and gift cards.

Together with Shopify POS, ecomdash offers Shopify users a full omnichannel software. You can use the POS system to take your business on the road and out in your town. Your sales channels will be synced with all incoming POS orders, so your inventory and data feeds will be accurate and up-to-date. And if you decide, after a few craft fairs, that you just want to stick to ecommerce-only multichannel selling – that’s great too! All of your inventory, sales order, shipping and listing systems will be on the job, whether or not you decide to give offline selling a try.

Are you looking for a great multichannel or omnichannel software? Use this checklist on picking the perfect inventory management tool for your business. If you’ve gone through your checklist and you’re ready for ecomdash to rock your revenue and bump up sales, sign up for a free trial and try us out.

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