Per our 2015 Product Development Roadmap, ecomdash is currently undergoing development to enhance many aspects of our multichannel inventory software. Our goal is to make inventory, fulfillment, listing, sales and data transfers even easier, so that you spend less time focusing on the back-end processes of your business and can enjoy the aspects of being your own boss that you really like – like taking a vacation!

Recently, we’ve begun enhancing our attribute functionality so that setting listing templates is even simpler. With these enhancements, you will have better control and organization over your listing descriptions and templates, starting at the product level. With these updates, you can

  • Now know required product attributes for your listings per each sales channel, so that you don’t have to fill out unnecessary information for other channels you may not be selling on just yet.
  • At the product level, define which attributes you want to use and fill out those details for each sales channel. You can pick which attributes you want to use per product listing.
  • When you fill in inventory details at the product level, you can also fill in attributes for the listing at the same time. This will save you time when you want to push the product listing to a sales channel later.

Today, our in-suite listing tool works with Amazon, eBay and Shopify. Next, our listing software will have additional functionality so that you can list to Bigcommerce, and our other integration partners will follow shortly after.

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