Not too long ago, we posted a series of blogs on how best to engage with your customers on Pinterest and Instagram. We still stand by what we said, but thought it might be time for a quick refresher course. In case you’ve run out of ideas of creative ways to post on Instagram, Curalate recently released a white paper with the top 8 ways to share on Instagram. We shared our top 4 from their list, featuring pictures from our own Instagram feed (gotta’ stand by what you preach, right?). Use these to liven up your posts, and read Curalate’s pages to find out more.


A Day in the Life

multichannel retailing strategy

Super effective way to offer your customers an intimacy with the people behind the brand. Don’t underestimate the power of human-to-human connection here, even if it’s done on social. Having an online business can make the customer feel distant. A “day in the life” look at you and your team will remind customers that there are people behind the business, and they may even relate to them. When we share pictures of our team in their natural work habitat (in this case, Tiana wrapped in a cocoon trying to stay warm), we have the most interaction with followers.


Customer Photos

multichannel retailing strategy

If your customers are talking about you on social, they are providing an invaluable gift of free PR. Reward them for their loyalty with a repost or shout out, and encourage them to continue the relationship. We often repost our integration partner Shopify’s customer pictures, and are looking forward to finding our other customers on Instagram too so that we can celebrate their businesses. This toaster, made by Shopify’s customer The Fowndry, was too cool not to share.

Are you an ecomdash customer that would like to be featured in one of our customer spotlights? Please contact us, and we’d be happy to showcase your work!


Behind the Scenes

multichannel retailing strategy

Keeping customers in the loop on what’s coming up in your business helps them feel involved, and creates excitement around new products. It also offers customers a chance to see how hard you work, and the detail that goes into your practice. Our developers pulled some near all-nighters the week before ecomdash deployed a new set of functions and features. They still showed up to work bright and early the next day, and had a quick yoga break to de-stress after an intense week. We want our customers to get to know the faces of the people who work so hard to make sure the tool runs effortlessly, and also keep them up to date on the release of updates in ecomdash.



multichannel retailing strategy

Have you heard of Throwback Thursday? Flashback Friday? Use these instagram themes and their respective hashtags (#TBT and #FBF) to share something new and interesting with your Instagram followers that they won’t find on your website (usually). For these blast from the past themes, share with customers the beginnings of your brand, or what originally inspired you to create a business. Likewise, you can create your own theme and hashtag pairing to keep your instagram feed new and exciting. We started Tie Tuesdays when we noticed our developers looking especially dapper every Tuesday morning. Thus, the tradition was born. And believe it or not, they look forward to having their picture taken on Tuesdays.

Use these ideas to freshen up your Instagram feed and keep your customers engaged across social media platforms.

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