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One of the pitfalls of selling jewelry, shoes, and clothes online is that buyers can’t try on the items. In spite of this, buying fashion products online is very popular, ranking high in the top-selling categories on Amazon and eBay. So, how do Shopify e-retailers combat this pitfall and make sure their customers click away with the right fit? Shopify app store offers a variety of apps for fashion retailers, at the unbeatable price of free.

Here are some of our favorites we think you’ll enjoy.


Instagram Shop by Snapppt

Instagram Shop is a way to raise increase sales by making your entire Instagram feed shoppable! With this app, you can easily advertise and sell products by simply taking a picture and posting it to Instagram!

Pros of Insta Shop:

  • easy to use
  • effectively increases conversion rates
  • embed user-generated content

How does it work? Your Instagram image can now be linked with a “Buy” button that will instantly send users to the product listing page on your site. Next time you want to show off your #OutfitOfTheDay, be sure to use Insta Shop to let everyone know where to buy your products at.

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Online Ring Sizer

Much like FitFyle, Online Ring Sizer was designed to help shoppers make the best choice in sizing before buying a ring. Online Ring Sizer promises to

  • Eliminate wrong size returns.
  • Keep your customers in the “Checkout Flow.”
  • Convert hesitating visitors to confident customers.

Online Ring Sizer is an intuitive process, and should take less than a minute to implement. It only has a few reviews, but all of them are 5 stars and absolutely glowing.



Dressy is still in a beta testing phase – but what it aims to do will be out-of-this-world cool for fashion e-retailers. Dressy is a virtual fitting room for your customers to “try on”  garments to see how each one looks on their body. At optimal performance, Dressy will

  • Encourage conversions with a virtual try-on room for customers.
  • Provide custom size recommendations across any brand.
  • Minimize product returns.
  • Enable personalized sharing on social sites like Facebook.

Still in beta, Shopify warns that Dressy may be incomplete, is still undergoing final testing, and should be used at your own risk. Decide if the risk is worth being the first in your space to offer this cool-factor feature. I personally can’t wait to try it out.


What do you think? Will these apps help you avoid returns and increase conversions? Feel ready to take the plunge on that Dressy app? Do let me know, I’m happy to help you test it! Let us know what you think in the comments, or share your favorite apps for fashion e-retailers!

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