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Our goal at ecomdash is to simplify multichannel selling for online retailers by offering smart inventory, order and listing management software designed especially for small businesses., the premier repricing software that helps online sellers gain critical exposure and increase sales across channels, is also dedicated to improving the lives of their customers.  Ecomdash and Informed offer complimentary services and share a common goal – we’re here to help our customers scale their businesses quickly, efficiently, and with software that’s priced affordably.

We’re excited to announce that ecomdash will soon integrate with Informed. With this new integration, ecomdash customers will have the option of using a top repricer to help streamline sales and consolidate all information within the ecomdash dashboard. Informed customers have touted that the repricing software is “easy to use, stable and fairly priced.” One Informed customer that offers third party services to sellers recommends Informed to all of his clients, citing an average 30% increase in profits. Combine that with the average 23% increase in sales all ecomdash customers see, and you can imagine why we are thrilled to team up with Informed! Here’s what you can expect from our partnership:

  • Once you sign up for Informed, you will define pricing strategies for your products within the repricing software.
  • Ecomdash and Informed will communicate pricing rules. From there, you can edit the minimum and maximum price value of your items in ecomdash.
  • You will also be able to create new products in ecomdash, fill in critical pricing information (like min/max value, currency, marketplace ID), and ecomdash will automatically communicate this data to Informed. Within the “Tools” tab on the dashboard, you can choose how often you would like ecomdash to send updated product and pricing information to Informed.

We are excited to have partnered with Informed and offer our customers a complete automation system for their ecommerce businesses. Together, we believe ecomdash and Informed will help small business sellers continue to grow profits, expand to new channels and aggressively compete against big box retailers. Ready to get with ecomdash and Informed? Sign up for a free 15 day ecomdash trial.

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