We are thrilled to announce Jon Smejkal and Pier28 as the winner of the first annual Occupy eStreet! Jon has won six months of free software and services from multiple ecommerce software vendors, including ecomdash. This joint effort was established to give ecommerce entrepreneurs the chance to win a helping hand – in the form of a technology advantage – in their quest for ecommerce fame and fortune. Pier28 sells dashboard video camera equipment (aka dashcams).

One of the most inspiring things we learned about Jon was his journey to where he is now. Jon served in the U.S. Air Force before joining Hewlett Packard for 13 years as an IT technician. With his passion for technology, sense of humor, and innovative curiosity, he was destined for dashcam stardom. He gets excited about helping people, and dashcams certainly have proven valuable for drivers trying to protect themselves against fraudulent claims. Did you see the controversial video of the truck driver and police officer from this past summer? Imagine if you had a video camera running continuously in your own car, not just a cell phone you would fumble with (and potentially cause an accident) when trying to start recording. Could it provide safety for you or others? We know it can effect discounts on insurance premiums and speed up claims. We also know it can be a lot of fun. It’s the perfect blend of technology and human experience – which includes filming a massive, near-apocalyptic meteor hurtling toward Earth. Do you remember the huge Meteror that hit Russia last year, seemingly without any warning that it was coming? The following video of John Stewart’s The Daily Show, humorously titled “How I Meteored Your Motherland” was the very beginning of Jon Smejkal’s journey to where he is today. You just have to watch it – so funny.

Jon is already emerging as a serious expert and thought leader in the dashcam industry. You can find him on the DashCamTalk forum as a regular, well-respected contributor. He’s spent a full year traveling the country and overseas to conduct research regarding the product and the industry as a whole. Jon’s banking on this technology trend to position Pier28 as the premier dashcam provider and anticipates sales to drench “North America like a tidal wav” Some of the next generation dashcams even provide people with a way to share content on the fly. Dashcam users can upload their recorded videos online to share with the world. “It’s really cool when they post videos from products I sold all over the world,” Jon said.

Pier28 investors believe in Jon and his vision to bring dashcam technology to the States. Though it’s widely popular in Russia and Europe, the dashcam is only beginning to emerge in U.S. markets. Jon is hoping to make Pier28 the official U.S. distributor of Street Guardian, an Australian dashcam brand. At first, Jon had planned on starting a crowdfunding campaign to fund the initial investment of these products, but was able to develop a team of financial backers and investors who, like Jon, also recognize the great potential in this market.

Perhaps the most inspiring thing we learned about Jon was that we share a similar vivacity and spirit when it comes to pursuing our dreams. Jon is passionate about dashcams, and that fervor reverberates in his voice. Jon has found a way to achieve the American Dream and monetize his passion. In the middle of talking about why he started Pier28 and the excitement surrounding the sheer size of market potential, Jon excitedly said, “I can turn into a millionaire from this thing, and I was like, ‘Hell yeah!'”

We love Jon’s enthusiasm, and can’t wait to put our technology to work helping him gain improved control of his ecommerce business operations. We know Jon is already a rock star, and we are anxious to see where else he will go, and how we can help him get there. He anticipates that our ecommerce inventory management software will help him gain better control of stock, and allow him to spend time helping customers instead of worrying about over-selling as his inventory is already racing off the shelves.

To learn more about Jon Smejkal, dashcams, and Pier28, connect with him on DashCamTalk, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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