Newegg integration is here - get set up and enjoy complete ecommerce automation.

We recently announced an upcoming integration with popular ecommerce marketplace Newegg, and are happy to say that it is now out of beta and ready for our customers and trial users. Newegg, a marketplace best known for its massive offering of electronics and accessories, is ideal for ecomdash customers that sell computer parts and hardware. In fact, Newegg was voted “Shoppers Choice” for computers 2004 through 2011, and was placed in the top 10 “Most Trustworthy Retailers” in 2014 by Online Trust Alliance. This new integration will open up an additional sales channel for current customers to increase sales, and offer Newegg sellers the opportunity to connect all of their ecommerce and physical stores with one inventory and order management system.

For Newegg sellers specifically, the integration between ecomdash and the tech-driven marketplace will assist those who rebuild and sell electronics. If you procure used monitors, laptops and other electronics, refurbish them and put them together anew with parts that may not have been in the original structure – you have rebuilt a final product that is unique from the original. Sellers can buy UPC codes to list these “rebuilt” items on marketplaces. To date, we have the only web-based inventory management system (in our market) that recognizes and tracks built products as both individual components and the final product. With ecomdash, Newegg sellers have accurate and up-to-date information on all moving parts and final built products across marketplaces and websites. This eliminates the risk of overselling and keeps track of all inventory – even non-sellable inventory.

Likewise, if you sell electronics and gadgets in online channels as well as in a brick-and-mortar store, you’ve likely had trouble keeping track of inventory across all your spaces. Unless you update sales channels immediately after making a sale in-store, you’re often going to run into problems knowing how much inventory you truly have – and who has time for that? Ecomdash eliminates the need to log in to sales channels individually. Instead, ecomdash displays relevant inventory, sales order and purchase order information directly from the home screen dashboard. Plus, with ecomdash’s new Vend Point-of-Sale software integration, you can also connect your physical, multi-location retail stores (and warehouses) to your online channels for a complete inventory automation system.

We are really excited for the possibility to help ecomdash customers grow by adding a new sales channel, like Newegg. The average ecomdash customer has added at least one additional sales channel since starting to use our system. Quarter-over-quarter, ecomdash customers have increased sales by an average of 23%. Adding Newegg as a sales channel will help you gain additional exposure, increase sales potential and broaden your ecommerce empire.

Have any questions about our Newegg inventory software or how to get set up? Feel free to reach out to us. Do you currently sell on Newegg? Let us know what you think about it in the comments. It’s a marketplace that seems to be really profitable for electronics sellers!

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