Ecomdash Gets a Makeover – Better Looking, Even Easier to Use! 

ecomdash_company_news_2Coming soon, ecomdash will begin to unveil an all new dashboard. This revamp will greatly improve efficiencies, simplify and streamline tasks and offer a cleaner, more intuitive look. The new User Interface (UI) will make using ecomdash a simpler, easier and more enjoyable experience for you. It’ll be better looking and pleasant to use!

Some of the key design and workflow improvements include:

  • See more relevant data on your dashboard to accurately represent the health and growth of your business.
  • Easier task management with cleaner and more precise views of data from the inventory management screen.
  • Enjoy office time more with a better looking and more intuitive tool (that’s us!).
  • Customize the information you want to see displayed on the product list screens.
  • Easily edit data on the product attributes screen for a more seamless experience.
  • Work faster from your smartphone or tablet with a more responsive app and smarter navigation.

The purpose of this new design is to make workflow simpler and more enjoyable for you. A preview of the new User Interface will be available in June to allow you to test the new design. All users will be switched over to the updated interface design in July.

Preview of the new dashboard screen is below:

Dashboard1Implementation of new design and better user workflow will be on going, so we encourage you to let us know what aspects of the redesign work for you, and which areas could use some improvement.

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Tiana ByersEcomdash Gets a Makeover – Better Looking, Even Easier to Use! 

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