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Just In! What Updates Did We Make In October 2014?

New Ecommerce Software Release | October 2014 Edition

At ecomdash, we strive to continuously improve our ecommerce software to better serve our customers. Here are the latest software updates and new features implemented in October:

  • Support for PayPal eChecks: If a sales order is imported with a PayPal eCheck, ecomdash now keeps that order in Awaiting Payments until the eCheck has cleared and then we update the status to Paid – Ready to Ship.
  • Inventory Feed Automation: Ecomdash now supports HTTP:// locations as well as FTP locations.
  • Kitting & Bundling Updates: Ecomdash now displays kit components on the packing slips and picking lists to ensure your kits have all the right parts.
  • Shipping Label Options: You can now choose to include either the shipping order or the SKU’s sold on your shipping labels. This will help tie the label back to the order being shipped.
  • Generate an Invoice: Create invoices for any offline sales orders. Ecomdash will connect the invoice with customer billing information.
  • Filter your Inventory by Supplier and Warehouse: Dig up information faster and find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Shipping Screen Updated: Ecomdash now provides additional filters in the Shipping application. It helps you recognize free shipping orders separately to help make sure they are processed correctly.
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Tiana ByersJust In! What Updates Did We Make In October 2014?