ecomdash october 2014 product updates

New Ecommerce Software Release | October 2014 Edition

At ecomdash, we strive to continuously improve our ecommerce software to better serve our customers. Here are the latest software updates and new features implemented in October 2014:

  • Support for PayPal eChecks: If a sales order is imported with a PayPal eCheck, ecomdash now keeps that order in Awaiting Payments until the eCheck has cleared and then we update the status to Paid – Ready to Ship. This prevents you from shipping or routing new customer orders that haven’t cleared yet.
  • Inventory Feed Automation: Ecomdash now supports HTTP:// locations as well as FTP locations. Easily connect to your dropship suppliers and 3PLs to update product quantities.
  • Kitting & Bundling Updates: Ecomdash now displays kit components on the packing slips and picking lists to ensure your kits have all the right components, eliminating unnecessary shipping errors.
  • Shipping Label Options: You can now choose to include either the shipping order or the SKUs sold on your shipping labels. This will help tie the label back to the order being shipped and further streamlines the packing process.
  • Generate an Invoice: Create invoices for any offline sales orders within your ecomdash account. Ecomdash will connect the invoice with customer billing information.
  • Filter your Inventory by Supplier and Warehouse: Dig up information faster and find exactly what you’re looking for when updating products.
  • Shipping Screen Updated: Ecomdash now provides additional filters in the Shipping application. It helps you recognize free shipping orders from any paid shipping orders to help make sure they are processed correctly.

Stay up-to-date with our community announcements and product updates with the links below:

  • Our Community Page: This section is a great way to stay updated on any of the latest ecomdash updates and news, including new features, support updates, and holiday hours.
  • Product Updates Blog: This is another great resource where we post all the biggest updates for our software.

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