3 reasons why you should automate

If our clients, competitors, and shared market can all agree on one thing, it’s that ecommerce changes fast.

For the natural born entrepreneur or former business maven transitioning to online selling, the rapid-fire pace at which the ecommerce world evolves is likely exciting. Yet for those who didn’t grow up with a TED Talk mindset or are new to the arena, the continuous shifts in ecommerce can be daunting.

You may have withheld from investing in technology to automate aspects of your business, because, hey – you’re smart, and you get things done. We absolutely agree, because surviving in an ever evolving market is no easy feat. But when it comes to passing up third-party tools for dated methods of accounting and record keeping, playing it safe may actually be anything but.

Here are three reasons to consider automating your ecommerce selling processes.


With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

As your business grows, so does your record book, sales order list, inventory history and more.

As you become more and more accountable for a greater influx of information, spreadsheets and handwritten documents won’t provide the same storage, tracking, and search capabilities as a software. Additionally, if (heaven forbid,) you happened to lose track of your documents or suffered a computer malfunction that eliminated this information, recovery would be tedious, if at all possible.

With a web-based software solution, security measures are taken not only to ensure your information and your customer information is private, but also protected in a catastrophe.


You Shouldn’t Have To Hire A CPA To Get The Basics Done

Manually processing the accounting and financial history of your business can be not only laborious and risky, but also likely inaccurate. Unless you’re an accountant by trade or happen to catch a lot of The Bloomberg Report, this aspect of business can require supplemental studying and learning to properly execute. If you’re running an ecommerce business, you likely don’t have time to handle it all. Find a software (SaaS) that can handle your accounting, like QuickBooks or Xero, so that your life is simpler, and you can get back to the parts of your business that make you money.


It’s Not Just the Joneses You’ve Got to Keep Up With

As ecommerce grows, so do the number of people opening online storefronts. Consumers want their shopping experience to be seamless – they expect it.

They want to be able to purchase and order things quickly, and they won’t spend an exorbitant amount of time searching for their items online. If it’s not on a marketplace they know and trust, they probably will go elsewhere. And if it’s not listed within the first two pages of their search, your products could get overlooked.


Our Suggestion

Find an ecommerce automation software that will simplify your life. Write out a list of your priorities – do you want grow and scale your business? Across what marketplaces? Looking to add a new product line? Do you want kitting and bundling, integrated shipping options, or an automated repricing option? Once you know exactly what you need – and your needs are prioritized 1, 2, 3…, you’re halfway there.

If you want to hear about some of the best ecommerce automation software options from sellers like you, we recommend WebRetailer and EcomBytes for trusted and reliable reviews. And, you can always check out the eBay and Amazon forums.

Online retailing and multichannel ecommerce can be exciting and dynamic. The most profitable sellers know how to use technology to their best advantage.

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