optimize your product contentDid you know that 87% of shoppers believe that product content is either very important or extremely important? And it doesn’t matter which category products fall into – clothing, electronics, and grocery buyers all rate online product descriptions in the top three most important influencers in their purchasing.

With statistics like that you can see just how important it is to have engaging, informative content on a product page. Your product page is the last sales tool in your customers’ purchasing journey. What those pages say and how they say it can be the difference between a customer clicking the “Add to Cart” button or simply clicking off your page.

To optimize your product content, take a look at the following five tips:


#1 – Write Creative and Descriptive Product Titles

It’s often tempting to just use a product name in your title, especially if you have a large catalog of items. However, using creative and descriptive titles will help buyers find your products. For example, imagine that you sell women’s clothing. You could use the title, Women’s Sheath Dress, for one of your products. Someone searching for a “sheath dress” may or may not find your product in the 1,950,000 (I checked!) of search results they receive.

Consider what happens when you change the title to: Calvin Klein Bell-Sleeve Sheath Dress, Regular & Petite, as Macy’s does:

example of a great product title

Now, shoppers can find your product when they search the following descriptive words:

  • Calvin Klein dress,
  • bell-sleeve dress,
  • petite sheath dress, and
  • any other combination of the above words

Descriptive titles are much better for SEO, making potential customers more likely to see your products in their search results, which, in turn, leads to more sales for you.


#2 – Write Creative and Original Product Descriptions

Writing unique descriptions for each of your products can be time consuming, especially if you have a lot of products. Many ecommerce sellers fall into that category, so they just copy and paste product descriptions from the manufacturer.

While the cut-and-paste method may save you a lot of time, there are a bunch of other online sellers who have the exact same descriptions as you do. And Google does not love duplicate content. When your store is the only one with creative and unique content about a product, you will have an advantage over all the copy-and-pasters out there.

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#3 – Write Unique Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions, not to be confused with your product descriptions which appear on your product page, are short descriptions that appear on search results pages. Here’s an example:

If you have focused on SEO so well that you are showing up on page one, then that’s great. But, online shoppers still have to see something that makes them want to pick your product over all the other page-one products.

That’s where a great meta description comes into play. When your meta description catches an online shopper’s attention, they are more likely to click on your page. So, be creative, original, and include a call-to-action. Here is a great guide on how to write unique meta descriptions for your product listings.


#4 – Use Video Content

These days, video content is an essential part of ecommerce marketing. Customers consume a lot of text and can experience fatigue. Increase the likelihood of a purchase by including a video about your product for those customers who don’t want to read.

If you sell products that can be demonstrated in a video, by all means do it. Statistics show that 84% of consumers report that they have purchased a product after watching a video of it in action.

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#5 – Provide Answers to Questions in Your Content

You don’t want your product descriptions to leave potential customers with questions. Online shoppers often want to know about the logistics of buying from your online business. So, do your best to provide the answers to any questions they may have: What is your return policy? How does shipping work? Are there ratings or reviews on this product?

Answering these and other questions provides potential consumers with a sense of trust. Nothing is left up in the air, and any obstacles that may have prevented customers from buying have been addressed.

Now, let’s go back to the Calvin Klein Sheath Dress at Macy’s. They include all the important product information, shipping details, and return links in their product content:

provide answers to any customer questions in your product details section


Good, original, and creative ecommerce product content is crucial to today’s marketing strategies. Strong content can lead customers down the ecommerce sales funnel and increase conversions. The above tips focus on just a few of the important elements you can optimize. Increase visibility and sales by staying on top of your product content. If you don’t have the time to create the content yourself, there are plenty of writers out there with the experience it takes to make useful content. Check out our guide on finding an ecommerce freelance writer that’s perfect for your online store.

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