For online shoppers, how their purchases make it to their front door isn’t likely something that they think about very often – or in very much detail. But online sellers know that getting their products from their warehouse or supplier to their customer’s doorstep is a complex cycle that requires all parts of their system work together flawlessly. One way to ensure success is to use an order management system software to facilitate the process. It makes selling easy and customers happy.

Simplify Your Business with Order Management System Software

Order management software is an essential piece to effectively running an online store. It’s needed for business owners to be able to scale their operations as their businesses grow. Perfecting those processes sooner rather than later will help prevent inventory, order fulfillment, and shipping issues, which can be costly mistakes – both financially and with customer satisfaction. Manual processes slow you down, leave room for error, and impede your ability to keep up with your competitors. An order management solution can simplify your operations and save you time.

Here are just a few of the ways that an order management system can streamline your ecommerce business.

Automated Order Processing

If you are even considering using multiple warehouses, 3rd party fulfillment services like Amazon FBA, or a combination of the two along with self-stored inventory, an order management solution can be a huge asset. With Amazon FBA inventory management software, you can automatically direct orders to the proper warehouses and dropshipping centers – defined by the parameters you set up.

Improved Order Processing Time

The amount of time that it takes between your customer clicking the “Buy” button and the order being packaged and ready to ship can have a huge impact on delivery times. When you invest in an order management system, that process is expedited. Pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels can be printed almost immediately so that the time required to get purchases on their way is reduced considerably.

Order Accuracy and Faster Shipping

Using order management system software also greatly improves shipping accuracy and efficiency. All online sellers want to be able to ship faster, ensure their customers receive the correct products, and do so with cost effectiveness. An order management system can make sure that the right merchandise is being shipped and can compare rates across integrated shipping carriers to get the best shipping prices.

With an order management solution, you can manage bulk orders and display carrier rates for comparison. Additionally, it can help with onsite inventory by processing orders, printing packing slips and shipping labels, and sending off packages with your chosen carriers.

Real-Time Inventory Updates

One of the single most important things an ecommerce business owner can do is stay on top of his or her inventory. An order management solution does that in real-time. Even if you sell your products across multiple channels, your order management system keeps track, updates inventory, and provides you with accurate quantities at-a-glance.

Low Inventory Alerts and Purchase Order Management

You don’t have to worry about overselling when you are working with an order management solution. You can quickly set up low inventory alerts on every product, so that if your inventory on a specific item drops below your predetermined threshold, the software will automatically send  you an alert to create a purchase order for your supplier.

Improved Inventory Visibility

It’s impossible to know exactly where your inventory levels are at all times without an order management system. However, when you do have one, you are able to see the big picture of your inventory, which allows you to see what’s selling and what isn’t. Knowing that information is the only way that you can accurately forecast sales and restocking costs. That means far less guesswork for online sellers and much more productivity, as well as more satisfied customers.

Clear Financials

Accounting can get pretty complicated for online sellers who order the same SKUs from various suppliers at different price points. An order management solution can track the costs of your inventory no matter how many suppliers and price points you are working with. This ensures that your on-hand inventory value is accurate.

Choose the Right Order Management Software

There are many order management solutions you can find that have all of the features described in this post, and many more. When you are making your decision on which one to buy, make sure that you choose on that will integrate with your other systems, has the features you need, and that is priced right for your budget.

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