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Our ecommerce order management software allows you to sit back and relax, knowing that all aspects of order fulfillment and inventory are automated and under control. Ecomdash helps you handle everything from sales order management to feed management and fulfillment in one easy-to-use software system. Best of all, you’ll save hours of time (and money) with ecommerce automation tools that are designed to help you run your business more efficiently.

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Ecommerce Order Management Software

  • Integrate Multiple Sales Channels: Ecomdash integrates with your ecommerce marketplaces and checks for new sales orders as often as every five minutes. No more needing to log into five or six different websites to view sales orders.
  • Streamline Order Fulfillment: Order information is automatically processed to ecomdash for quick fulfillment. Our OMS communicates each order’s shipped status to sales channels and will also generate a tracking number.
  • Easily Manage Sales Orders: Automatically update stock quantities and route orders accordingly. You can also cancel sales orders in ecomdash and we will update your stock levels. Refunds can be handled at the sales channel.
  • Automate Dropshipping: Seamlessly send sales orders to dropshippers and warehouses for hands-off fulfillment. Do you use FBA? Our Amazon FBA order management tool automatically routes sales orders from all your channels to Amazon’s warehouses for faster FBA fulfillment.
  • Intuitive Feed Management: Our feed management option allows for communication with suppliers, 3PL services, and non-integrated marketplaces. Ecomdash stays flexible to your needs and grows with your business.

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One system to seamlessly handle ecommerce orders from purchase to shipment.

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Better Control, Easier Growth.

Miri of Fashion2Love, a popular women’s boutique, used to spend hours each day logging in to sales channels individually to manually check for orders. Miri would spend half of her entire day checking for orders, hoping to catch and process them in time in order to prevent overselling. It was time consuming and frustrating, not to mention risky. Even when she was just beginning and had only 30 orders a day on her 400-500 items, it was too much work. It prohibited her from growing, and she was barely able to keep up with a lower order volume.

Miri tried a competitor’s ecommerce order management tool – but she described it as “buggy,” and was paying roughly $800 a month.

Miri switched to ecomdash, and now she can rest assured that her inventory quantities and order processes are synced in real time, without her having to manually record anything. All of her customer’s order information is sent to ecomdash directly, where she can complete the shipping and fulfillment process in just a few clicks. Miri saves an estimated $550/month since switching to ecomdash, and she enjoys all the same inventory features of her last software, in addition to our more advanced order functions.

By enlisting our robust inventory and order management software, Miri has been able to grow her business successfully, while maintaining total control of operations.

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