Are there any good alternatives to Ordoro?

Ordoro vs. Ecomdash

Ordoro is an inventory, order, and dropship management system with a focus on shipping and order fulfillment. It’s seen as the low-volume shipping and inventory app, and is best suited for sellers with low order volume.

So, how do we compare to Ordoro?

While they offer a good selection of postage providers within the app, their inventory management functionality isn’t as robust as the ecomdash inventory management system. Ordoro does not offer built product features with all price tiers and for all users. Ecomdash is an alternative to Ordoro because we offer all features and functionality, including these advanced inventory tasks, to all customers regardless of what they pay.

Ordoro’s lowest price tier, which still has inventory and shipping, offers users fewer SKUs and ecommerce integrations than ecomdash and doesn’t offer full support within the lower tiers. All ecomdash clients are able to quickly list products for sale with the in-suite product listing tool making us a great alternative to Ordoro.

alternative to ordoro

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Liz PekarekAlternative to Ordoro