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Ecomdash was designed from the ground up to save time, improve profit margins and optimize inventory control. With ecomdash, you can run your business from anywhere, in a fraction of the time you’re spending today.

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You sell across many marketplaces and storefronts – or want to! You probably have a warehouse and maybe a supplier or two. You need an inventory control solution that will integrate all your critical operations into one system to automatically “connect the dots” between channels, customers, shipping, orders, warehouses and suppliers. Ecomdash is the hub that gives you a centralized web-based solution to sync inventory and process orders while giving you the real time data you need to manage your business.

With inventory control software, managing an ecommerce business is simple and efficient. Growing it is even easier. Our robust inventory control system consolidates sales orders from online and offline channels into one, central dashboard. Product quantities are updated across sales channels automatically whenever a sale occurs, and sales order information is consolidated and immediately organized to be fulfilled.

Manage current product listings, and get new items listed to your sales channels with ecomlister, our List-For-Sale tool. Quickly create pick lists, custom packing slips and shipping labels from within ecomdash to get your products out the door fast. Communicate sales and purchase orders to your suppliers and dropshippers in just a few clicks. With improved control over all aspects of your ecommerce business, you can grow sales, expand to new sales channels and add more SKUs without risking stock-outs or overselling. On average, 24% of ecomdash customers add new sales channels after using our inventory control solution. All customers see a 23% increase in sales on average, quarter over quarter.

Unlike other inventory control systems, ecomdash provides all inventory, sales order, shipping, listing and dropshipping features to all customers, regardless of price tier. We don’t charge extra for these features, and we never take transactional fees or skim off the top of your sales. Phone, chat and email support is always free – no strings attached.

Automated Inventory Sync

Track moving inventory and display accurate, up-to-date quantities on sales channels. Handle kits, bundles and built products. Eliminate overselling!

Learn more about our inventory tracking software.

Inventory Tracking Software

Send Purchase Orders

Easily communicate new purchase orders with suppliers, dropshippers and warehouses. Get notifications to create a purchase orders based on low inventory thresholds.

Learn more our purchase order management software.

purchase order management system

Keep Up With Sales Orders

Stop logging into sales channels to check for new orders. Consolidate sales in one central location for hands-off order fulfillment.

Learn More about our order management system.

order management software

Speed Up Shipping

Create pick lists, packing slips and custom labels in bulk. Tracking information automatically generated and sent to the marketplace for your customer.

Learn more about our shipping software.

shipping management system

Hands-Off Dropship Management

Quickly export sales orders to your supplier, dropshipper or warehouse. Work with unlimited warehouses, and automate data transfers.

Learn more about our dropshipping software.

dropping shipping management system

Manage Product Lists

Manage current listings to make changes to title, description, price and more. Download listings from one channel and quickly list them to another.

Learn more about our inventory listing tool.

listing tool

Targeted Email Automation

Set up email marketing templates and send campaigns immediately, or schedule them in the future. Option to segment emails by products and sales channels.

Learn about our email templates.

email marketing tool

Live Business Reports

Generate inventory and sales order reports, easily pull transaction data in order to make predictions and get an accurate view of the health of your business.

Learn more about our reports.

reporting and analytics tool

Multichannel Fulfillment For FBA

Auto-send sales order data directly to FBA from any sales channel, or choose to manually select orders to be shipped to FBA for fulfillment on an as needed basis. Sync your FBA inventory with your overall inventory to ensure accurate stock levels.

Learn more about our Amazon FBA inventory software.

order routing software
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