You may not realize it, but you’re building a treasure trove of valuable information every time you process a sales or purchase order. But if that information is stuck in a spreadsheet or database,  it’s not doing you much good.

Ecomdash is working on a new reporting module that will turn sales and order data into business insight. The reporting enhancement will allow you to export all of your reports into excel or pdf. From there, you’ll be able to get an accurate view of your business, easily share information with the right people, and make more profitable business decisions.

The new ecommerce reporting tool from ecomdash will allow you to:

  • Use historical sales and inventory data to see trends and make predictions
  • Find out which products are selling the best and when
  • Make accurate decisions about purchase orders including what, when and how much you should order
  • Reduce the risk of running out of stock by predicting ahead of time when you may run out
  • Gain insight into operations to help you manage sales metrics
  • Reduce the time and effort of pulling and analyzing data

If you’re selling several products across multiple marketplaces you’re building a warehouse of intelligence. Use ecomdash to gain access to the intel, predict ecommerce trends, and use it to your advantage.

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