prevent online buyer's remorseKeeping your customers happy is crucial if you want to build long-term loyalty. While it’s great to make a quick sale, you always want to be sure that customers aren’t pressured into buying a product without knowing what they’re getting. You should be doing all that you can to prevent buyer’s remorse and returns. With the right practices, you’ll foster customer satisfaction, build stronger relationships, and increase your bottom line in the long run.


What is Buyer’s Remorse?

You’ve probably had the feeling before, buying a product on a whim and realizing that it no longer seems as shiny and appealing as it did when you first saw it. That’s buyer’s remorse – the feeling of regret after you’ve made a purchase. This feeling can be part stress or fear, and it can make you want to return the item immediately.

As an ecommerce seller trying to grow your business, buyer’s remorse is one of your biggest fears. It’s not only about the loss of revenue, it’s about the relationship you have with a buyer. It’s also about the customer experience and products you believe in.


Five Ways to Limit Buyer’s Remorse

From an ecommerce perspective, doing what you can to prevent buyer’s remorse is not just the right thing to do, it’s also healthy for your brand and sales revenue. Fortunately, there are some things you can do before, during, and after a sale to limit buyer’s remorse.


1. Show Customers You Care

Shoppers want to feel valued, not simply a sale you put in the books. Securing a loyal customer, one that will have a higher lifetime value, requires time to cultivate a solid foundation that goes beyond a single purchase. Customer relationships will grow when they know that you have their best interests at heart. Do this by developing a relationship based on the benefits you’ve promised, whether that’s product descriptions, contracts, or policies.


2. Give Customers All the Information

It’s important that you provide customers with key information about your products and brand. While you don’t want to discourage anyone from buying, you also have the obligation of presenting customers with what they need to make informed purchases. Do this by writing detailed product descriptions that are complete and honest. For example, if you sell clothing, list actual measurements of items, not just the sizes. That way, a customer who buys a dress knows that it’ll fit when the order arrives.

You can also set expectations by creating educational content for customers on your blog and social media. Whether you use instructional or lifestyle videos, or write information-loaded blog posts, be upfront with your customers. This will help prevent returns and maybe even position you to become a thought leader in your industry.


3. Be Clear – No Fine Print

You’ve seen the ads with fine print that fills up half of the ad space or is recited so quickly that you can’t listen fast enough. You probably don’t enjoy that – your customers won’t either. In fact, that’s a good example of what not to do. This type of fine print almost screams that there’s something to hide. Instead, explain everything in understandable terms that are clear, concise, and readable.


4. Under-promise and Over-deliver

You know the old saying about service: always under-promise and over-deliver. Can you fulfill and ship orders faster than your website states? Is there something extra you can include in orders, like coupons for future purchases or a small bonus item? If you can get customers their orders faster than expected, or give them something extra, it could be that push they need to become return buyers. Plus, an unexpected gesture like that will let customers know that they’re valued.


5. Say Thank You

Again, it’s all about your customer. Always make sure that they know how much you appreciate them. You should already be saying thank you when customers place an order, and again in the email that’s sent when their orders ship. However, all ecommerce sellers are doing this, so it may not be not enough to make a lasting impression. A written thank you note can help you express how much you appreciate their business and the trust they have placed in your company. This will show that you go above and beyond for your customers because very few businesses do this anymore.


Focus on Customer Satisfaction Above All

Prioritizing customer satisfaction over everything else is the key to making sure that every single customer is satisfied with their purchase. The strategies above are a great place to start, but you don’t have to stop there. Come up with strategies that your customers will like. When you’re committed to keeping customers happy, you’ll find that preventing buyer’s remorse comes naturally and you’ll see far fewer returns.


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