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Unlimited sales channels

There are no limits on the number of integrations you can add to ecomdash. Integrate seamlessly with ecommerce marketplaces, shopping carts, and carriers.

Free customer support

We’ll help you every step of the way. Enjoy free support via phone, email, and live chat. We also offer support guides and videos.

24/7 quantity syncing

Never oversell again with our automated syncing technology. Focus on growing your business while we help manage inventory.

Online store builder

Build a customized ecommerce website that fits your brand and offers an easy shopping experience.

Fast fulfillment

With dropship automation and FBA management, you can choose to automatically route new orders without lifting a finger.

Unlimited product listings

Whether you’re listing one product or hundreds, you can quickly set up inventory, control quantities, restock, and re-list items as you need.

Easy shipping

Print pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels all from one central location. Connect to USPS, FedEx, and more.

No hidden fees

We have no mandatory setup fees, revenue sharing, or per transaction fees. You only pay for the number of orders you process.

1-hour onboarding call

We’re here to be your partner. With this free session, we can coach you on integrating a sales channel, importing products, listing workflows, and more.

ecomdash review

“I would recommend ecomdash to anyone needing full transparency of their inventory and/or wanting to sync inventory and shipping between multiple online sales channels.”

Justin, Transport Diesel

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Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a Sales Order?

Ecomdash counts any incoming sale – from any of your integrated sales channels – as a Sales Order. This also includes any orders uploaded manually or created directly in ecomdash.

What are your pricing tiers?

Our tiers are based on sales order volume:

  • 0 – 100 orders = $25
  • 101 – 500 orders = $75
  • 501 – 2,000 orders = $175
  • 2,001 – 10,000 orders = $350
  • Over 10k orders, you can contact us for enterprise pricing

How does the annual plan work?

Say you average 90 orders/month. You need our smallest package of 1200 orders (100 orders/month x 12 months), available for 1 year. We send 3 emails as you approach the 1200 order limit. Prior to auto-renewing, you can choose to stay at 1200 orders, a different annual plan (i.e. more orders), or a monthly plan.

Is it easy to build a website?

Yes! We offer a simple drag-and-drop builder that you can customize easily. With 30+ predesigned sections including text blocks, contact forms, and carousels, you’ll have a beautiful website in no time!


How much do the annual plans cost?

We offer pro packages that coincide with the monthly sales order total. Here is a scenario: $25 (monthly cost of 0-100 orders) x 12 months = $300 + a 20% discount (on all annual packages) = $240. Your total cost would be $240 and includes 1200 orders to use in 1 year. This cost will be due upfront.

Are there any setup fees?

Basic setup is 100% free and is offered to all of our new customers. This free onboarding session will help kickoff your ecomdash account and set you up for success. If you’re interested, we also offer other advanced onboarding options.


Do I have to sign a contract?

You don’t, if you choose our month-to-month plan. We doubt you’ll want to leave, but if you do, you can cancel anytime.

Can I get help setting up my account?

Absolutely. Each customer automatically gets a free one-hour onboarding session where we coach you on all the basic setup needs. We also offer other professional services such as advanced onboarding packages and one-on-one training.

Will I get access to all the same features during my 15-day free trial?

Yes. You have full access to all our core features while in trial.

What if I have an unexpected spike in sales orders or a slow month?

If you have an unexpected spike in sales, your price will automatically adjust to the higher tier in order to prevent disruption of service. If you’re having a slow month, you can manually adjust it back to the previous tier.

Why is the first month $25, even if my sales orders for this month places me in a higher price tier?

Every pro plan customer pays just $25 on their first invoice. This will serve as your last month’s payment with us (but we hope you stay with us forever!).

Do I need to upgrade to a higher tier if I know I’m approaching a very busy month?

Nope! To prevent disruption of service, our system will automatically adjust your account to the next pricing tier once you’ve used all your allotted sales orders. You can always manually adjust it back when you approach your slower season.

Do I get the same quality of support, regardless of how much I pay each month?

Yes! Please enjoy our support services no matter which pricing tier you’re on.

How many integrations can I have?

We offer unlimited integrations for all tiers. You can have multiple storefronts and marketplaces such as 3 Shopify stores and 2 Amazon accounts.

If I change my mind, do you accept refunds?

If you find that ecomdash doesn’t meet your needs in the first 30 days, we will refund your first month’s bill.

Do you offer annual billing discounts?

We offer a 20% discount with our annual billing plan.

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