Do you manufacture the products you sell? If you do, you know how hard it can be to track every piece and part that goes into your finished product. Ecomdash is about to make that easier with product building software. We’re working on a new feature that will track the online quantity of every component that goes into your manufactured or “built” products.

When a work order is processed, ecomdash will automatically reduce the quantity of each component that is used to build the final product, then increase the quantity of the finished product on hand.

Our upcoming built products feature will allow you to:

  • View at a component-level what parts need to be reordered
  • Reduce the risk of running out of stock of one or more parts used to make or package your final product
  • Control how effectively you’re managing raw materials and finished product inventory
  • Gain insight into profitability by knowing exactly what it costs to build and sell a product

Many of our clients who manufacture products have told us how valuable this new feature will be for them. Let us know if you have thoughts on how to make selling online easier.

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