Product Listing Requirements For The Most Popular Sales Channels


Want better sales? Of course you do.

In order to increase sales, retailers must increase their visibility by selling in more places. John and Richard of Radar Toys, ecomdash customers and online toy retailers, were selling on Amazon, eBay and their own Shopify website when they first joined ecomdash. With better channel management and automation, they were able to expand their business to sell on Newegg, Sears and Rakuten as well. Having products in more places and on more “internet shelves” increased the opportunity to win more sales. In fact, John and Richard even say that better listing visibility has increased sales by an estimated 40-60%. The more places you can sell, the better your bottom line will be.

To list effectively on new channels and optimize your listings for maximum results, you need to be familiar with the rules and regulations of each marketplace or website. You can’t (or shouldn’t) list items without first thinking it through, considering the nature of the sales channel, and then making smart decisions. A poorly done listing can quickly become flagged on marketplaces and taken down, or may not be properly optimized for better search results. Bad listings can get buried beneath your competitor’s items. Worse listings risk marketplace suspension. In an effort to provide you with all the details you need to list safely and effectively on each sales channel, we’ve complied a comprehensive table of product listing attribute requirements for the most popular sales channels today.

Our multichannel listing tool  allows you to quickly set up your inventory, launch new product lines, control quantities, restock and re-list items as needed, so that you can increase your sales and visibility, too. When you’re ready to push listings out quickly and maintain visibility into which product listings are sold, queued or active, sign up for a free trial with ecomdash.






etsy_required_listing_attributes listing attributes for fixed price listings



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Tiana ByersProduct Listing Requirements For The Most Popular Sales Channels

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