As stated in our 2015 Product Development Roadmap, ecomdash has begun introducing new integrations and features to our product listing software. The next few months will be spent updating our listing tool so that it is available with our other integrated shopping carts and marketplaces. We’ve had it available for just Amazon, eBay and until we recently added Shopify – Bigcommerce is next.

This month, we begin work on our listing tool for Bigcommerce. With built-in listing for your products, you can accomplish the following tasks:

  • Set customizable product descriptions and shipping attributes for each product.
  • Quickly manage current listings to make changes to title, description, price and more.
  • Create listings in bulk with reusable templates.
  • Bulk upload your images.
  • Set additional item specifics and attributes for your products and listing templates.
  • Perform efficient searches with upgraded filters that help you weed through and find which products are not yet listed on your sales channels.

Our listing software functionality will be specific to each shopping cart’s individual needs and available technology options – meaning the listing tool for Bigcommerce may not operate exactly the same or have the same exact functions as our listing tool for Shopify. Each integration partner has different options for what it allows to be automated by third party solutions like ecomdash.

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