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Purchase Order Software For Small Businesses

Our purchase order management software streamlines reordering and purchase order tracking from start to finish. With ecomdash’s purchase order software you can quickly create new orders, send them to suppliers and have inventory quantities adjusted as new items come in.

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Easily Create, Send, and Track Online Purchase Orders

Built with small businesses in mind, our purchase order software empowers companies of any size to quickly create and manage online purchase orders in just a few clicks. Our software makes it easy for you to restock exhausted inventory and proactively reorder products that have dropped below the low quantity level (which you set within the product details).

How It Works

Within ecomdash’s purchase order dashboard you can add the products you’d like to reorder, choose the supplier you are ordering from, define the quantity, input shipping details and even specify discounts.

Once that information is set, our purchase order management system and shipping software will automatically calculate the total cost for you. After billing and shipping information has been entered, submit the purchase order via email to your supplier or dropshipper. If you’d rather, you also have the option to print the purchase order.

Purchase Order Tracking

After you submit a purchase order, you’ll be able to fill out the estimated delivery date, tracking ID, and actual date of delivery. Once that’s done, our purchase order management software allows you to filter the status of orders from one intuitive dashboard – making it easy to track and manage all your purchase orders. Within the purchase order dashboard you can mark orders as partially received or received in full. After that, our inventory management software will automatically adjust and sync product quantities across all your connected sales channels.

Feature Spotlight: Restock Forecast Report

Ecomdash’s purchase order software also offers a Restock Forecast report, which provides you with the relevant information necessary to make reorder estimations for your ecommerce store. It shows average sales per month, current quantity on hand, how much needs to be ordered, and PO average receive date. This feature helps you seamlessly calculate how often you need to reorder any of your SKUs.

purchase order automation for online sellers
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