Purchase Order Software For Small Businesses

Our purchase order software empowers companies of any size to quickly create and manage online purchase orders in just a few clicks.

inventory management software for ecommerce businesses

Purchasing Software Benefits

With our purchase order software you can quickly create new orders, send them to suppliers, and have inventory quantities adjusted as new items come in.

Set Custom Alerts

Establish custom alerts to notify you of low stock levels and create new purchase orders.

Speedy Purchasing

Create and email purchase orders to your supplier right in ecomdash.

Track Shipments

Input tracking details and our system will filter the status of your purchase orders.

Near Real-Time Updates

Partially or fully receive inventory and we’ll sync new stock levels to all your sales channels, in near real-time.

Smart Planning

Accurately calculate how often to reorder new products with an intuitive restock forecast report.

Streamline Accounting

Export purchase orders once received to QuickBooks Online with just a click of a button.

Easily Create Purchase Orders

Add products you’d like to reorder, choose the supplier you are ordering from, define the quantity, input shipping details, and even specify discounts. After the billing and shipping information has been entered, you can email the purchase order to your supplier in ecomdash. You can also create new purchase orders from your low inventory notifications.

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Receive Purchase Orders

Once your warehouse has received the shipment, we’ll mark the purchase order as complete and update the product quantity across all your integrated channels. Only received a partial shipment? No problem, you can mark the actual products you received and we’ll only sync that portion out to your channels. You can continue to update the purchase order until you’ve received the total amount ordered.

upload inventory to ecommerce inventory management system

Track Average Landed Cost

Easily keep track of the total landed costs associated with each product in ecomdash. To ensure profitability, you can track the price of a product, the amount you pay per case, the shipping and handling fees, and the sales tax. From your data, we calculate an average landed cost so you can price your product effectively.

inventory management software interface

“Using the software for my business for a year now and its excellent.  The staff is wonderful to deal with. I highly recommend this company!”

Josh S.

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