One of the “extras” ecomdash enables for our customers, is email marketing. A wonderful tool for engaging with and maintaining your customer base, email marketing is integral for online sellers. But how do you go in and manipulate templates, return email, and more? We spoke with Kevin, our lead Product Developer, to get the scoop so that you can navigate email marketing in ecomdash with ease.

Q. When the customer receives an email from my ecomdash (via Mandrill), are we able to select the “from” or reply to” email?

A. The Sent From email originates from the “Send Email From” option, which is located within each sales channel (storefront) integration. If you do not set the value there, we will utilize the email address located at the company detail screen.

Q. When an email is sent to a customer, what is the address shown? Is it, or something odd my customer won’t recognize?

A. The sent email would show as, regardless of it being sent from Mandrill.

Q. Where in ecomdash can I manage all of this?

A. Email templates can be created within the Administration section. This is where you will define the text, link the template to one or multiple products and sales channels, and delegate whether or not you’d like the email to be auto-sent. You can always check the email history within the Support Section, under “email history screen.”

Q. If a customer were to reply to one of the emails sent out via ecomdash, would it come directly to my own inbox?

A. Yes! Replies to your email marketing will go directly to the email you have selected as “Sent From.”

Q. Do I need to setup a forwarding email?

A. No need! You won’t have to worry about a thing…you will always get critical inbound messages directly to your regular email inbox.

We hope this answers some of those burning questions you may have about using email marketing through ecomdash. As always, if you need any further assistance, we are here for you!

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