order-management-software-screenshotThough at our core we are an inventory tool, the ecomdash order management software is a crucial part of how we streamline operations and simplify tasks for our small business clients. Our order management module has helped customers save money, and gave them back hours in the day that they used to spend manually checking sales channels for new orders. Here are a few Q&A’s on how ecomdash simplifies order management and makes multichannel selling easy.

Before we get into the details – how does it work?

Ecomdash will check your marketplaces, websites and brick-and-mortar POS software as often as every five minutes, looking for new orders. When a sale is made, all order information is consolidated within ecomdash (and our ecommerce inventory management tool will adjust product quantities across channels). The order management system then provides you with all customer and order information for quick fulfillment. Once the order is fulfilled, ecomdash communicates shipped status to the sales channel where the purchase was made, and generates a tracking number.

What if I use a dropshipper?

No worries. Within ecomdash, you can set up inventory feeds that publish supplier catalogs across your sales channels. Ecomdash will sync with these feeds so that accurate inventory levels are always displayed. When a buyer places an order, ecomdash will automatically send the sales order to your dropshipper or supplier for hands-off fulfillment. Ecomdash can even translate this feed according to how your dropshipper or supplier prefers to receive sales order information. Learn more about how ecomdash works with dropshippers here.

Can I send orders to FBA?

We do offer an optional add-on that allows you to auto-route orders to FBA for an additional $20/mo. You have the option to automatically route certain items – from any sales channel – to the FBA warehouse for fulfillment. You can also manually select sales orders you wish to send to FBA. For more information on how we can meet your FBA order routing needs, click here.

What if I need to send orders to a 3PL or fulfillment center?

We can handle that too. When a sale is made, ecomdash automatically forwards the sales order to your 3PL or fulfillment center. Once they have shipped the item, ecomdash sends tracking information to the channel where the sale occurred. Our feed management system makes communication between fulfillment centers and 3PL services easy.

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